Recently I woke up and the first thought on my mind was, “2021 is the year to grow up and become an adult.” I knew immediately those words were from God because they were not something  I had been thinking about and it made me begin to think. God always does that.

I said, “Show me what you mean, God.” Then, I saw clearly how 21 is the year we believe individuals become adults. Sure 18-year-old have certain privileges, but they are still teens. The years before 21 can be very tumultuous when many issues happen that can change the course of our lives if we don’t work through them and learn how they have held us back or kept us stuck.

So 2021 is the year we all need to pull up our big girl panties and step boldly into adulthood.

little girl drawing three crosses in chalk on sidewalk

Adulting Is Hard

It makes me think about a woman who said to me, “I want to be like you when I grow up.” I told her, “Thanks, but please don’t go through all the hassles I’ve gone through to get here.”

To be clear, I don’t think she was talking about weight loss. The subject was indecision and I had said I’m good at making decisions and talked about some I’d recently made. However, I wasn’t always good at making decisions. One doesn’t gain up to 430 pounds by making good decisions.

There have been many bad decisions I’ve made along the way mainly regarding the food I ate and the absence of any desire to exercise. Each bad decision has taught me something. This is a part of growing up and moving into adulthood. We have to learn that what the devil meant as a way to take us out of the game of life, God will use for our good if we stop wallowing in our bad choices, but it’s not easy.

Adulting is hard, it just is. The rewards, though, are so worth it. Case in point, I’ve lost more than 250 pounds and kept it off since 2013. God helped me do that and it was so worth it to allow Him to lead me.

We have to make decisions based on what our end goal is not what we want in the moment. However, we live in an instant gratification society. That mindset is everywhere. We want what we want and we will do almost anything to get it.

No Is An Adult Word

The other day a woman posted in my coaching group that she needed help resisting a dozen brownies a well-meaning friend had just had delivered to her door as a gift. She had been following what she felt was God’s plan for her to eat sugar-free. She felt as if she was under attack and needed help right away!

I’m not always able to respond quickly, but that evening I was and I told her to simply throw them away, then go for a walk and have a little talk with Jesus. Life is always a test. The question is, will we pass the test or not?

She posted alter that she had thrown the brownies away but felt emotionally drained from the spiritual battle that had raged inside her. She cried and had wanted to keep them to just have one every day. However, she’d been in our group long enough to know that would never work.

The enemy, though, never takes no for an answer. He kept whispering his sweet nothings in her ear daring her to go against the long-range goal she knew God had given her. She was an adult, but the child in her was crying out to take over once again.

The next day God told her in no uncertain words that this was a test and that she was placed in my group to help her understand how to overcome and how to tap into His power in order to use that very adult word—no.

What Does God Want?

This is part of what adulting is all about. It’s not easy. It’s many times gut-wrenchingly hard. That’s why we run away from doing what we know God wants us to do. He’s not mad at us when we are tempted or even when we give into temptation. He’s on our side and wants us to learn from our mistakes in order to renew our minds.

I love what Romans 12:2 tells us. In many translations, it says: “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by renewing your mind.” The Passion Translation says, “Be inwardly transformed through a total reformation of how you think.” the Message says, “Fix your attention on God. You’ll be changed from the inside out.”

For us to grow up in Jesus we have to learn how to say no to our flesh and short-term desires and say yes to God and His destiny plan for us. When we are following what the world wants or what we want, we haven’t grown up yet. We are still children at heart.

God says it’s time to grow up. It’s 2021 already. It’s about time we learned how to be adults.

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