Excessive planning is an attempt to control. I read that somewhere and immediately took issue with it, even though I know there is some truth to it. I am one of those disorganized people who still likes to excessively plan some things. I love going on trips and I love planning them all out. Mapquest is my friend in measuring distances to drive and when to stop. This person does not leave it all to chance.

Smokey mountain park

The beautiful Great Smoky Mountains Park

Travel Plans

I am getting excited to leave on a 10-day vacation. My original plans have been altered because my best friend is not going with me. We have planned this trip for a year. We are both disappointed because we travel well together.  Not only is she organized, but she is a powerful prayer warrior.

There is another reason I enjoy her company. She eats whatever I decide to eat. For someone who is very health and food conscious, that is a God-send.

Binge Buddies

My very best friend, my husband, has conceded to accompany me on this journey to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. Great Smoky Mountains in the fall is close to heaven to me. Listening to a full week of Southern Gospel music is heaven on earth. For Richard, not so much. He admits he is a home body. He is content to stay home to tend our animals while I gallivant around the country.

This sweet husband of mine is also my former binge buddy. As I am preparing for this trip physically, I have to plan emotionally and spiritually, as well, in order to not get caught off guard. Excitement and adrenaline can be big trip wires when it comes to healthy eating. It can be part of the addictive process if I am not careful. Traveling with someone who still likes to eat mostly unhealthy food may present a challenge.

Just thinking about the trip brings thoughts of Pecan Sandies. For a sugar addict, different experiences evoke food memories. For me, trips equaled those specific kinds of cookies. For many years they were always included on the itinerary. Not this year, though. Not this trip.

Healthy Plans

There is still planning to do when it comes to food. Planning, such as how to keep my healthy protein bars fresh and refrigerated along the way. Making out the grocery list for when we arrive for the week. Knowing what restaurants are available in the area which have healthy selections. Having go-to snacks will keep me from temptations of the unhealthy items my husband will choose. All good and necessary planning.

There is more important planning for me now, though. Planning to invite my best friend forever to come along and enjoy this time together with us. I have learned to replace the false friend of food in my life with a much better friend, Jesus.

The abundant life He promises us in scripture is made overflowing and full when we invite Him to experience it with us. He wants to be included in all we do. I feel a sense of excitement when I think of all the new things He will show us on this trip.

I know if I include Him in each part of this experience, I do not have to worry about food challenges along the way. Each day on this journey of living a fasted lifestyle brings tremendous opportunities to feel the presence of the Lord—Father, Son and Holy Spirit—in new and satisfying ways.

Fullness of Joy

Before, I was content to look forward to each meal and snack as the highlight of my travels. I did not even realize what I was doing. Now, though, I get to experience a fullness of another kind. It is called the fullness of joy in living this abundant, overflowing life I have been blessed with. Paul put it well.

“I know what it means to lack, and I know what it means to experience overwhelming abundance. For I’m trained in the secret of overcoming all things, whether in fullness or in hunger. And I find that the strength of Christ’s explosive power infuses me to conquer every difficulty.”1 


hold hands

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1Philippians 4:12-13 TPT.

Rhonda Burrows