“In God We Trust” is the official motto of the United States of America. This is supposed to be our guiding truth, our absolute reality, the ideal we strive for, but is it really? Do I really trust in God?

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Who Do I Trust?

Research shows most Americans do believe in the existence of God. However, the real question is do I trust in God? Do I trust everything in my life to Him?

There is a huge lie we, as Christians, have gradually allowed to grow in our lives. It goes something like this: I have to do this myself because I am the only one I can trust.

How many ways do we manifest this in our lives? How many ways is this pushed upon us? How does this become embedded in our lives? Where does the mistrust of authority begin and the buy-in that we are alone become embedded in us?

God’s Plan

As Christians, we believe in a perfect, all-loving, all-powerful God whom we trust. We also know that we have all sinned and fallen “short of God’s glorious ideal,” (Romans 3:23 TLB).

God, though, has a plan to remedy that situation. “God declares us ‘not guilty’ of offending Him if we trust in Jesus Christ, who in His kindness freely takes away our sins” or our failures, (Romans 3:24 TLB).

Those of us who have been Christians for a long time understand this and yet, in many ways we still don’t fully trust God. To trust God means more than we say we believe in Him. It means we rely on, have confidence in and cling to Him.

Do I Really Trust God?

Many of us will say we do all of these things, but do we really? Do we really trust God? I know my tendencies and I know, especially in the past, I have a tendency not to completely trust God. So I asked Him, “Why in the past have I trusted myself more than I do You?”

I thought I knew the answer to this, but God revealed more truth to me. He took me back to the time when I was molested by a family friend at age 11. After it happened, I felt I couldn’t tell anyone.

In essence, I didn’t have anyone I loved and looked up to that I felt I could trust to take my word that this really happened. I couldn’t tell Dad, Mom, Grandma, Grandpa, aunts, uncles, cousins or friends. I was terribly alone with this horrible thing that happened to me. I felt very, very vulnerable.


At that moment, though, courage seemed to seep into me. I decided I would make sure I was not anywhere near this man alone again. I felt could only trust myself to make this happen. I was the only one who could  protect me. I could trust no one else with this because I reasoned they would blame me and not him.

I had already worked through this before, but then God showed me the major truth I hadn’t seen before. When I was six, I was in a similar situation with a neighborhood boy, who was seven.

My little brother was only three, but he told my parents what happened. Then, Dad told me that I could not go anywhere near the boy again unless I was in my own yard with lots of other kids or adults around. He gave me good boundaries. At the time I did not realize that.

I Felt Punished

It just made me angry because I felt like I was being punished for something that boy did. I felt he should be punished. I’ve been angry about that for a long time.

I thought that my Dad was not protecting me because he didn’t confront the boy. Now I understand that my Dad protected me by teaching me a strategy I would need when I was molested at 11. Dad didn’t know I’d need that strategy, but God sure did.

Dad taught me to set good boundaries for myself. He was protecting me by teaching me what to do if he wasn’t around. When I was molested at 11 I could have told my dad, but I didn’t think he would take my side or protect me. However, my dad had already protected me by teaching me what to do years before that time.

Heavenly Father

I’ve learned that things our earthly fathers do relate greatly to how much we will trust our Heavenly Father. This was the first time I saw that Dad had protected me, even though he wasn’t there when the man molested me.

Understanding this, removed a final blockage that has been keeping me from totally relying on, clinging to and having confidence in Father God’s protection and watch care over me.

There has been this slender thread holding me back from trusting God completely with everything that is within me. I question Him, but I just figured everyone does. I was getting better at not doing that, but I still knew there was something holding me back.

God-Given Strategies

I must always be examining the issues that might be holding me back from being all in with God. It’s so easy to just trust myself without thinking. Left to my own devices, though, I will eat whatever I want, whenever I want. I have to rely on God-given strategies I’ve learned and have incorporated into my life to help me go forward.

I always wondered how I even came up with that idea to stay as far away from that man as I could. It was hard. He was around a lot. I could do that because Dad taught me that when I was six.

Because Dad set good boundaries for me that worked, I see that I can trust Father God to teach me the things I need to know to survive food addiction.

Food From The Devil

Food addiction or issues with food of any type are the biggest thing the enemy uses to stop us in our tracks. It is food straight from the devil. It throws us out of the game of life faster than anything I know of.

It’s the one thing we think we must have power over, so we don’t ask for God to help us. We can do it ourselves we think, so we continue to struggle. Yet, it is the one thing that will take control of us and put us in bondage quicker than anything.

To trust God completely when He gives us His plan to help us through our food issues is probably the most difficult thing I’ve ever faced. With His help I have lost over 250 pounds, but it is still a daily choice.

I have more weight I’d like to lose and that’s hard for a weight loss coach to say, but I have to be honest and admit that. None of us have arrived. There is always more to learn, more of God to discover. That’s what this journey is all about, discovering more and more and more of God.

Journey to Transformation

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Overcomers Academy is a total approach to weight loss and healthy living. Transformation starts first on the inside and moves to the outside, (Romans 12:2 MSG). It touches every part of us—body, soul and spirit.

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Teresa Shields Parker
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