When Michelle Lee came into #KickWeight and began to understand that sugar and foods with high carbohydrate content were her problem, things began to change.

Since she began her journey in 2016, she’s lost 95 pounds. Although she’s got more to lose, she says it feels so good just to get the pounds off that she’s lost. “I never want to go back to where I was.”

Sugar Addiction Quiz

She began reading our blog posts back in January 2016. When she learned about the free course #KickSugar, she decided why not? In one of the first sessions she came upon the Sugar Addiction Quiz.

Although she didn’t think she was addicted, she took it anyway. “I didn’t score very high,” she said. “It looked like I was truly addicted. I went through my cabinets and took out all the foods that had high levels of sugar in them and began to pay attention to reading food labels for the first time.”

She lost 15-20 pounds before the #KickWeight started. “I was still drinking regular soda, still occasionally sneaking a candy bar, pieces of cake, bowls of ice cream or some kind of sweets when I was by myself and frustrated or whatever.”


It’s when she signed up for #KickWeight, though, that her breakthrough came. “The first exercise of surrendering everything to God and leaving it at the altar was the turning point in my life,” she said. “Once I did that and really meant it, it changed everything. The key was really meaning it.”

She adds that the Vision Board exercise done in the group was also key. Every day it reminds her that this is a daily journey that she can do. “God’s got my back and if I fall off the wagon I make sure I don’t go all out crazy. I just brush it off, pick myself up, use my stop-starts and don’t repeat my mistake.”

Michelle enjoys doing Crossfit, a combination of cardio workouts and strength training with weights. “I really like it,” she added. “It helps work out my frustrations and I know it’s good for my body, but I’ve learned that exercise alone isn’t enough. It was allowing God to lead me in what I eat that really was a turning point.”

One thing she makes sure of is that she continues to exercise. “I really love working out,” she said. “Everyone keeps telling me I look like I’m getting smaller even though the scale isn’t moving much right now. I know it will soon as I slow down my life and focus more on portion control and nutrient content.”

God’s Grace

She’s been in #KickWeight for over a year. She says she’s been able to make it without giving in to temptation. “I’ve not had any desire to even want to. That’s God’s grace over me daily.”

Michelle added that she recognizes this journey is one step at a time. She’s got more weight to lose and is in #KickWeight 3 to make sure she stays on her journey. “Listening to the videos and doing the action steps really helps me focus on why I am on this journey. It’s the kick in the pants I need.”

Michelle Lee

Life has really changed for Michelle since losing 95 pounds. She changed jobs. She’s got a boyfriend. However, now she realizes it’s time to keep her eye on her goal. “I’ve been so busy working, exercising and just being happy for a change that I sort of forgot about losing more weight,” she said. “I have fallen into contentment with how far I’ve come.I didn’t even realize I’d done that. I definitely don’t want to gain the weight back and I want to keep losing.”

It’s the reason Michelle decided to come back into #KickWeight this session. She knows the keys taught will keep her going forward.


#KickWeight is a coaching class, like a college-level class, run from a closed, private Facebook group. There are study guides and action steps for each of the 13 teaching videos which come out every two weeks. On the opposite weeks, class members can ask me questions which I answer on a Q&A video on the opposite weeks. There are also challenges to keep the class moving in the right direction.

The class is all about finding the issues that are holding us back from going full out on the journey we already know God is calling us to. It’s about changing from the inside out.It’s about surrendering our selfish desiresto God and allowing Him to lead us. I’m just the facilitator. God is the leader of #KickWeight for sure.

We’ve re-opened doors for this session. The introduction video has already been posted so hurry and get in. We’ve made a spot for you, but doors will be permanently closed at midnight May 30 so those in the group can go through the six-month program together. The first teaching video will be posted May 31. It’s time for you to make a decision.

There will not be another chance to join #KickWeight in 2017. Don’t miss this opportunity. Join Michelle and others as they do this together! Join HERE.

I’ll see you in the group.

P.S. You can join without a Paypal account and pay with your credit card. Here’s how. Just go to Register Today on the #KickWeight page. On the next screen, choose PayPal to pay. Don’t worry. You’ll be taken to the next screen where you choose Create An Account. After that, you have the choice of paying by credit card or creating a PayPal account. After registering. watch for the email to tell you how to come into the Facebook group!

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Teresa Shields Parker
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