Michelle Moore’s life has changed in every way. She’s lost 93 pounds, changed jobs, began to take care of and love herself for the first time and began to see the light of day financially. One of the best things, though, is she finally allowed a man in her life who recently became her husband.

CELEBRATING MICHELLE. You may recognize Michelle. She’s been a part of our community for awhile now. Recently she shared an exciting update on her story. I’m excited for you to listen and be encouraged.

It all began, when Michelle saw an announcement about our free 10-video course called KickSugar. It was early January 2015. When she got to the sugar addiction quiz, that was it. The lightbulb moment finally went off and she knew what her issue was.“It was the first time I realized I was a sugar addict,” she said. “It was a defining moment.”

She began cutting out sugar and was slowly losing weight. She wanted to know more. “When Teresa opened her KickWeight course in 2015, I was probably one of the last to join,” she said. “I didn’t know if it would work for me.”

During the course and afterwards, she lost an amazing 93 pounds. Besides beginning to eat healthy, there were three other major things she learned that helped—exercise, understanding her emotions and listening to God.


When she began her journey, she weighed 300 pounds. Exercising helped tremendously with weight loss especially because Crossfit is her exercise of choice. An intense fitness program, it combines weight-lifting with various other exercises and challenges. She is committed to going four times a week.

Her fitness training has been responsible for her losing body fat and gaining muscle and losing 78 inches from her body. She says her guide is no longer the pounds she’s lost, but the inches.

Emotional Eating

Although she didn’t think she was an emotional eater, she quickly began discovering she was. “I had a lot of issues with my self esteem and internal combustion, as I call it.,” she explained.” Teresa helped me to get my emotions all balanced out inside so I could lose weight and even get married.”

She explained that in the past when she would have a relationship with a man, she would push him away. “I would be uncomfortable in a relationship because I was uncomfortable in the skin I was in,” she said. “I felt I was a big mess. I didn’t like myself.”

However after taking one of the first courses we offered, Michelle began to realize she needed to begin to focus on herself and deal with her emotional issues by using the tools offered in the course.

Focusing on God

Finally, she was able to begin focusing on God and realizing He did want to help her on her healthy living journey. She continued, “I had a relationship with God. I believed in God, but I didn’t trust in God. I didn’t believe He wanted to help me on my weight loss journey. I trusted Him for lots of stuff, but just not in that area.”

God changed Michelle’s perspective when she went through the vision board exercise which is in all of our courses. Most of the things on the vision board she created in the course have come true in the three years since making it.

“One picture on the board was of a man and woman running,” she said. “Yesterday, my husband and I did a 5K and enjoyed it! I would have never even dreamed of doing a 5K three years ago. I never thought I would be able to do that.” The vision board became a prophetic declaration of what God has done in her life.

Michelle’s Advice

Michelle’s advice to anyone wanting to go on a healthy living journey. Is to look at everything, not just what you’re eating, but what you are thinking, why you are eating when you aren’t hungry.

Emotional issues were at the root of Michelle’s overeating. It is an endless cycle many get into. We are are unhappy about our weight and so we eat to make us happy, which adds weight and then we are unhappy again.

Michelle soared by attacking some of her difficult root emotional issues. It was actually the core of her breakthrough. That all happened in one of our coaching groups. Check out what we have to offer today. Look under the Weight Loss tab here on the website.