We each need our own personal moment of change if we want to make the decision to stop heading down the path that includes eating whatever we want to actually begin surrendering our desires completely to God.

For me that moment of change came when I accompanied a friend to a harmful life patterns group. I didn’t go expecting anything to change. I told myself I was going to help my friend.

I knew how to lose weight and at that time I had lost weight, but I also was quickly gaining it back. I needed help and really was at the end of my rope, but I wasn’t admitting it to anyone else.

The leader was a 25-year sober alcoholic. That first night he shared his story of how alcoholism had become a major obstacle in his life, why he made the decision to give it up, and how he walked out, and was continuing to walk out, the journey of acting against his addiction.

I was halfway listening because alcohol is not and never has been my problem. My paternal grandfather was an alcoholic and I had promised my dad I would never drink or become addicted. I had kept that promise where alcohol was concerned, but now the speaker was about to rock my world with what he said next.

Out of the blue I heard him say, “Alcohol is one molecule away from sugar. Alcohol is liquid sugar.” The second he said those words everything came to a halt in my world. I had a deep inward feeling like a sucker punch to the pit of my stomach. If no one else in that room needed those words I did. It felt like they were from the very mouth of God to my ears.

All the pieces of my life snapped together like a magnetic puzzle. I saw every time in my past when I went on a diet, abstained from eating sugar and bread, and lost 100 pounds. I saw how every time I’d get to goal weight, I’d celebrate and reward myself with one of Mamaw’s oatmeal cakes. That would throw me back on the track of eating anything I wanted and gaining back the weight plus more.

I saw myself sitting in my bedroom secretly eating bagsful of candy while my family was downstairs watching television or playing games. I saw how I’d go through fast food drive-ins and get french fries, cheeseburgers, and cherry pies or ice cream after a long day of working. I’d take a drive through the country to eat and de-stress before going home where I’d fix a full meal for my family. While I cooked, I would sample what I was fixing, eat the meal with my family, and eat up any leftovers, especially the dessert.

I also saw how I lived for any event where I knew there’d be great food, including church pot lucks, family dinners, reunions, birthdays, anniversaries and any food-oriented get together.

All of this flashed through my mind in seconds. At the end I realized a basic truth. An alcoholic gets over being an alcoholic by giving up alcohol. I am like an alcoholic only with sugar. If I am a sugar addict that means I have to give up sugar. Then I remembered God said to me in 1977 to stop eating sugar.

Finally, it all made sense. If I had only listened then I could have saved myself so much pain and heartache. Why am I so stubborn?

I didn’t hear much else the speaker said, but at the end I asked him, “Can a person be a sugar addict? Is there even such a thing?” This was before I’d heard anything in the news about the dangers of sugar addiction. These days, however, we hear it everywhere.

He answered, “I don’t know about all the physical ramifications of sugar’s addictive qualities, but I know you can be addicted to anything that controls you.” That cinched it for me. There was no doubt about it. Sugar controlled me. At that moment I knew I was going to have to give up sugar.

I didn’t know how it would be possible because sugar was my go-to comfort when I was stressed, frustrated, overwhelmed, angry, ashamed, lonely, overworked, or felt like a failure. I used it as an energizer when I was tired and needed to stay awake to meet a deadline. Sugar was my drug of choice.

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Teresa Shields Parker
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