with Teresa Shields Parker

What’s holding you back from living your best life now?

Does fear rule your life?

 Are you stuck?

Do you want to MOVE FORWARD, but can’t?

Do you feel like you are drowning?

Do your thoughts spin out of control?

Do you want to lose weight, but nothing seems to work?

Are you ready, really ready to begin living?

Teresa Shields Parker is a Christian weight loss coach who specializes in helping individuals discover freedom and get to the root of the reason they are stuck on their journeys.

Many times this has to do with difficulties in our childhoods which we feel like are behind us but in many ways are still driving our emotions that keep us wanting to overeat, binge or be addicted to certain foods.

Her expertise at helping her clients reconnect with Father God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit is both profound and fulfilling. If someone has had a difficult childhood or has a hard-time relating to any one person of the Trinity, getting reconnected is a key on their journeys.

We can’t allow God to lead us if we think He is angry with us, won’t protect us, won’t comfort us, won’t guide us correctly or doesn’t even like us. These feelings can be dealt with through the freedom principles Teresa has used to help set many free.  

Each session is private. Teresa will not share your personal information. Your name will not be used unless you approve. 

 “You will experience for yourselves the truth,

and the truth will free you.”

~ John 8:32 MSG

Booking Details

One-on-one Coaching sessions with Teresa Shields Parker are 90 minutes in length. All sessions are via Zoom and can be accessed via phone or computer.

When you sign up via the button below, you can choose an open date and pay at the same time.

Payment is made when scheduling an appointment. Because Teresa has limited openings available, there will be no refunds. That said, appointments can be changed by visiting the booking page (you’ll receive a link via email when you book) at least 24 hours in advance.

Success Stories

It was amazing to hear from God directly, with confirmation that, yes, it really was God that I heard. The feeling that the Creator of the Universe answered my little question directly is indescribable, and causes me to want to hear him all the time. Nothing else compares, and everything else pales in importance.

Susan Young

I looked forward to my personal coaching sessions. Understanding how God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit relate to our family relationships was very important. Walking through the inner healing is very healing!

Janet Vincent

I am so grateful for all the breakthroughs I’ve experienced in the coaching sessions! Finding my true identity as Father God’s own beloved child after going through the forgiveness process of my past has opened a whole new life perspective for me!

Rhonda Burrows

I’ve been in Teresa’s VIP coaching and I want to thank you, Teresa, for your patience with me. You said God was not finished with me but has a plan for me. I am so thankful for you helping me as I go through this journey, through forgiveness and experiencing God in a way that I never have, experiencing His love, compassion, acceptance that is beyond words. He never gives up on me and you haven’t either, Teresa! Thank you my sister in Christ!

Margie McKay

Teresa’s VIP coaching took me to a new level of prayer and conversation with God. I found myself speaking to God about my coaching session and the emotions and memories that we discussed. During my quiet times with God, my conversations were more one sided, meaning, I did most of the talking, but in God’s own way, He assured me He was directing me and walking with me on the journey.

Stella Summers

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Disclaimer: Teresa Shields Parker is not a licensed counselor, nutritionist, physician or physical therapist. All information contained within the coaching sessions is based on personal experience. For any medical or emotional conditions seek the advice of a professional. Persons entering into the program accept full responsibility of results obtained. All sales final once sessions have begun. No refunds, however sessions may be rescheduled within 24 hours of the scheduled time.