“Virginia is for lovers” according to bumper stickers. This can be true or false depending on the circumstances and the person one is with. Recently, I felt my past and present collide in that beautiful state.

Karen and Dean visiting Montpelier, home of James and Dolley Madison in Virginia. June, 2016

Karen and Dean visiting Montpelier, home of James and Dolley Madison in Virginia. June, 2016

My past experience in Virginia with love didn’t vouch at all for the bumper sticker. Recently, though, my husband and I proved the statement true as we went there on our 10th anniversary trip. With the kids at their grandparents house, unlimited time to talk, and clear blue skies, driving through the mountains was the perfect way to celebrate our first 10 years of marriage.


The day before returning home, we visited friends in Lynchburg, where I attended college 25 years ago. I was excited to show my husband, Dean, the area. We easily found the brick house where I had rented a basement apartment.

That evening, we happened upon the small building where I had taken college classes and pulled into the parking lot to take a picture. It was here that my past and present collided. A flurry of emotions stirred and tears came unexpectedly.

I recalled walking along this same short driveway when I was 20 years old. The man who walked next to me was the man who I married four years later.

At the time I was smitten. We had talked about our dreams for the future. These dreams for me included marriage, a large family and homeschooling. I was sharing my heart with the man I thought would make it all possible. All of those dreams later crashed and burned, along with the marriage itself.

Bless the Broken Road

Now I was finding my past and present colliding. I was in that same parking lot 25 years later, but I wasn’t with the same man. However, I saw clearly how God had worked everything out for good.1 He allowed the desires of my heart to come true. Not in the time frame hoped for, not with the person I was smitten with at the time, but in a better, more wonderful way than I could ever imagine.

That day we listened to some CD’s we brought along for our trip.  Bless the Broken Road, the song we chose to have sung at our wedding, was still perfect.

“Every long lost dream led me to where you are. Others who broke my heart, they were just northern stars pointing me on my way into your lovin’ arms. This much I know is true that God bless the broken road and led me straight to you.”2


The trip was wonderful, but when we came home I struggled with my eating for several weeks. I didn’t understand why. I had been in such a good groove before we left. I tried to make good choices while we were gone. Now I was churning and restless inside and had trouble sleeping. I kept wanting to eat things that I shouldn’t eat. I lost eight pounds before we left on our trip, but now gained four back.

Healing Prayers

Last week we had our monthly video chat with our Sweet Change Weight Loss group. After the divorce, I had been diagnosed with PTSD. One of the things we discussed was how God can heal us from trauma of the past through prayer and how trauma can affect us physically.

Teresa shared how trauma and stress can raise their heads at any time in our lives. The key is to forgive the person involved and ask God to heal these broken places. I finally realized my PTSD symptoms had stirred up again because of the memories I had in Lynchburg. As Teresa prayed, I felt a release in my spirit. I felt I was finally trusting God to handle the emotional pain of my past.

Since that time, I’ve been back on track with my eating. God wants to heal us. He is the only one who can. Of course we have a part to play in the process. We need to walk out our healing by living a healthy lifestyle. I admit some days it seems so slow. But as I allow God to unpeel the layers of emotional pain which have crippled me at times, the layers of fat begin to come off.

I look forward to the day I can say I am fully free from food addiction. I have  solid hope that day will come. Until then, I keep pressing “on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.”3

Left, Teresa Parker, 2004, at 430 lbs. Right, Teresa today after losing 260 lbs.

Left, Teresa Parker, 2004, at 430 lbs. Right, Teresa today after losing 260 lbs.

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Karen Fritzemeier is a homeschooling mom to two children. She and Dean have been married for ten years and live in Michigan.  For other posts by Karen, go here. She blogs at  http://blueandgreentogether.com/

1Romans 8:28 (ESV)
2God Bless the Broken Road by Mark Hummus, Bobby Boyd and Jeff Hanna, 1994.
3Philippians 3:14 (ESV)


Karen Fritzemeier