God’s anointing is on you for a specific task. It’s an assignment He has given specifically to you. His anointing will carry you forward as long as you are working to complete His assignment.

When you veer off the assignment path to do something you feel is more urgent or pressing, that’s when His anointing lifts.

God’s Grace

God’s grace never lifts, though. His grace is always present because we are always falling short and need it just to live. Never doubt His grace. It will carry you through every trial, every wrong decision and every heartache. When we make wrong decisions, it’s His grace that allows us to repent, be forgiven and get back on the right path.

However, if you to happen to veer off your God-given assignment, whatever that is, the anointing doesn’t go with you. It may be there waiting until you return or it may have moved on to someone else who has retrieved that assignment and began to run with it. That person has seen the importance of it and God has chosen them to complete it because their heart is fully aligned with His.

God’s Destiny Assignment

There are many reasons we might give up an assignment, not the least of which might be something enticing us away to some assignment that looks bigger and more glorious.

The truth is, there is nothing, nothing that is bigger and better than that destiny assignment God has for you in this very moment. It may be sitting at the bedside of a sick child, spouse or parent, but it that is His assignment for you right now, nothing is more important. His anointing will get you through even this.

It may not look exciting. Being a mom to your little ones may not seem like such a great task especially when they make a mess all over the house, cry all night and day, and throw a tantrum in the grocery store.

If it’s your God-given assignment and if you do it with the love and strength of Jesus, you have done your job well.

Just remember if you willfully choose to give a God-given assignment, don’t cry and plead with God to give it back if He has chosen someone else to continue where you left off.

God’s Anointing

God’s anointing will be on you for the task He has called you to for this particular season. Be mindful of where God is at work and how He is leading you. Does it seem like you’re trudging through mud? Has the joy lifted for what you are doing?

The assignment may have shifted or you may just need to seek God’s face even more ardently to understand where He is at work and ask Him if you need to join Him there.

Has the season you are in changed, but you have stubbornly refused to go where the anointing is? It’s impossible to do meaningful work for God when your assignment has moved. Go with the assignment. That’s where the anointing is.

His Provision

Remember this, God’s provision, protection, guidance and strength goes with His anointing. God’s anointing is more than sufficient for the task to which He is calling you.

Remember, having God’s anointing for the task doesn’t mean it will be easy street. Satan recognizes the God’s anointing and will make the journey more difficult. Ever wonder why so many Christian leaders who seem so anointed fall into sin?

It’s because Satan knows our weaknesses better than we do. There will be temptations. That’s all the more reason to stay as close to God as possible. Don’t let anything come between you and God. Then your assignment will be clear and His anointing will carry you forward.

Put On Your Armor

You will be like a soldier fitted with the right weapons to stand strong and defeat the enemy at every turn. The big key is to put the armor on every day. Don’t forget it, even for one day. Don’t leave an opening for Satan to slip in his lies that say, “You need this to dispel the anxiety, stress and overwhelm you feel.”

The truth is, if you partner with God, you simply. need to hand the things you know you can’t figure out to Him and wait for Him to give you direction. Don’t forge ahead without a word from God. He will guide you. Let Him.

No matter what, don’t give up if the anointing is still on what you’re doing. However, don’t hesitate to move if the assignment has changed and the anointing has left with it. Go with the anointing. Move when God says move. Stay when God says stay.

What is God telling you today?





Teresa Shields Parker
Teresa Shields Parker is a Christian weight loss author, coach, podcaster and speaker, who has lost more than 250 pounds and kept it off since 2013.

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