What if God said, “I choose you for the transformation of your life”?

He has, you know? He’s chosen you to be recreated much like the transformation from caterpillar to butterfly. To lose weight there must be a definite time of change when you decide you will become new.

You will be inspired to know 18 ordinary people have transformed and are continuing to transform. As you read their stories in Sweet Change: True Stories of Transformation you will see yourself and be inspired.

In Sweet Change, Teresa Shields Parker, author of Sweet Grace: How I Lost 250 Pounds, shares her insights on what it takes to tap into the power of transformation. Join her, Russ Hardesty, Rhonda Burrows, Lindsey Summers, Judy English, Pam Leverett, Mark Randall Shields, Sundi Jo Graham, Andrew Parker, Donna Falcioni Barr, Anastacia Maness, Kimberly Weger, Ronda Waltman, Aida Ingram, Nora Ann Treguboff Saggese, Tom Graddy, Heather Tucker and Mindy Nave on the Sweet Change journey.

If they can change, there is no doubt you can, too. What does God have to do with this? Everything! God is into life overflowing with destiny. God is into you!