sweet excuses

Stop Lying to Yourself and Start Losing Weight

What’s holding you back from losing weight?

Do you want to lose weight or have been told you need to lose weight? Even when a cardiac surgeon told me I’d be dead in five years if I didn’t lose weight and keep it off, it still took me in to that five-year deadline before I started my habit-change journey.

All I knew was dieting. I’d diet, lose weight, then reward myself with a treat, and start gaining it back plus more.

What held me back from keeping the weight off? My excuses. I can’t lose weight. I’m afraid of failure. I’m afraid of success. Food keeps me sane. Food is my friend. Food protects me. There’s too much noise in my head. No diet works for me and on and on. Every excuse is a lie I believed. It wasn’t a real reason why I couldn’t lose weight.

This book addresses the lies we believe. It includes what God says about how we can overcome those excuses. I had every excuse in this book and God still helped me lose 250 pounds.