sweet surrender

breaking strongholds

Christians can be bound for heaven and stuck in strongholds at the same time. When we believe lies, they grow into strongholds that keep us from the destiny God wants for us.

We all have times when we believe things like I don’t matter, I’m not valued, I can’t go on, I am a failure, God can’t use me and so much more. These lies helped me gain up to 430 pounds and kept me there for many years. Embracing what seemed like God’s secret, mysterious truths helped set me free to surrender to Him completely. This issue-focused memoir is relevant to any life-controlling issue you may have including addictions of all kinds and issues with relationships, careers, shame, anger, food issues and so much more. God wants to break us free from strongholds. The big question is, will we let Him?

Included are action steps and questions to help you learn the source of your strongholds and how to work with God to see them broken. This book will help transform you from the inside out.