Most people want a breakthrough but many have a difficult time describing what a breakthrough is or how to get one. A breakthough is said to happen when we overcome something.  It might be any major progress such as a great innovation or discovery that overcomes a significant obstacle. It might be making a new discovery or invention. It might be overcoming an obstacle or restriction. It can be a military advance through and past enemy lines or the same thing in sports but penetrating the opposition’s defense.

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No Instant Breakthroughs 

There is one thing about all of these definitions or illustrations of breakthrough, most don’t happen instantaneously. Let’s take the sports illustration. We call it a breakthrough when a team member has to fight off opposing team members to get the ball they are carrying across the goal line.  That might take many plays to get there. It might take several times of trying and several quarters or the entire ball game to actually get a breakthrough.

In the case of an army trying to penetrate enemy lines, it can take months and endless strategies on the part of the commanders to actually get their breakthrough. When they do they rejoice in a hard-won victory and then have to hold the line.

I think one of the most defining of breakthroughs, though, is the inventor or the scientist who spends years working on their invention or their cure for a disease. The inventor doesn’t just sit down and make a prototype and voila it works. No, they build something, test it, tweak it, test it again. It might take them years to perfect their invention.

Hard Work Brings Breakthrough

A scientist is someone who is committed to discovering a cure a specific disease. They may never find that cure in their lifetime but they keep copious notes so those who come along behind them can see what worked and didn’t work for them and be that much further along at finding a cure.

In every case, it is their dedication to the task that garners them the win. When the scientist discovers the cure or the inventor finds their invention actually works, it is a time of celebration! All their hard work has paid off. Breakthrough happened.

As humans, we focus on the breakthrough instead of the long days and nights and years of work that it took to get that breakthrough. It’s the hard work we should be celebrating

Breakthrough Isn’t a Quick Fix

My calling is with God’s help to teach women how to transform their lifestyles, lose weight and live healthy. Transformation is really just another word for a breakthrough. Even though transformation happens pretty quickly in the case of the butterfly, it takes a long time for us as people to transform or get our breakthroughs.

That means I help women understand that breakthrough is not a quick fix. It will take some time, but it is so worth it. Breakthrough for me had a lot to do with changing my mindset about why diets aren’t the way to lose weight.

Another breakthrough came when I owned the fact I am a sugar addict. Still, another came when I totally submitted my issue to God and committed to allowing Him to lead me. Then another came when I figured out how to begin to actually change my habits.

It’s been a series of breakthroughs that came as I was diligently searching and working towards what I knew God wanted for me. For those who are looking for those same kinds of breakthroughs, it will only come as we follow God. That is a breakthrough within itself.

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Teresa Shields Parker
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