What happens when God speaks? Things are created out of nothing. Our human minds can’t conceive of having nothing one minute, speaking and the next having what you spoke. That’s exactly what God did. One minute there was nothing and the next He spoke the world into existence.

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God Speaks. Photo by MaryJennie Bodard

Something From Nothing

“God created the Heavens and Earth—all you see, all you don’t see. Earth was a soup of nothingness, a bottomless emptiness, an inky blackness. God’s Spirit brooded like a bird above the watery abyss.”1

Throughout the first chapter of Genesis, we learn that God’s word was creative enough to bring life where it never was before.

God spoke and there was  “Light.”.2 God spoke and there was “Sky,”3 God spoke, and there was“Earth.”4  God spoke and plants appeared.5 God spoke and the sun, moon and stars appeared.6 God spoke and fish and birds came into being.7

God spoke and all the animals, reptiles and bugs appeared.8 Finally God spoke, “Let us make human being in our image.”9 And. “God created human beings .. reflecting God’s nature.”10

Recorded Words

This wasn’t just a one-time occurrence, though. Throughout history God has spoken in various ways. His words are recorded in the best seller of all times. As an author myself, I want to pay attention to a book that is not just a best seller, but #1 in all of history and continues selling even today.

Whatever words are contained there must be pretty important. Actually, those words are as creatively important as the words that spoke the world into existence because they come from the same Source.

If God were to write another book, it would be a best seller, as well, but He hasn’t. Or, has He?

Another Best Seller

Paul told the believers at the church in Corinth, “Your very lives are a letter that anyone can read by just looking at you. Christ himself wrote it—not with ink, but with God’s living Spirit; not chiseled into stone, but carved into human lives—and we publish it.”11

Could God’s next best seller be another creative way of writing? Could it be Him writing His story through your life? You may be a 16 year-old with piercings and tattoos. God designed you with a unique way of speaking His word to your generation.

You may a young stay-at-home mom with toddlers. You are struggling to get through the day just hanging on to Jesus. You can speak God’s words to frazzled moms like no one else. Or maybe you are a young father trying to make sure your family is taken care of while you are facing down-sizing of your job and dwindling new job prospects. You, too, have a message of how God is your provider.

You may be the CEO of a large corporation understanding all the biases and headaches of being a powerful woman or man in that world. You can speak God’s words to an entirely different group of people.

Perhaps you are in the midst of a medical, financial, relational storm. You have no idea what to do, but you know the One who has the plan. You are intimately acquainted with Gods’ words to speak to others in your same situation.

You may be a grandma or grandpa with years of experience walking with the Lord. Your words are not out-of-date. They are a legacy, born out of the wisdom of age.

God Speaks

God speaks everyday through our lives. He publishes us into the world. When He speaks to us, plans are created out of nothing. We didn’t see it before, but all of a sudden, God speaks and it is so real we can touch it.

I had an experience like that when I began writing Sweet Grace. I saw the book before it existed. So did God. He spoke in my spirit to write the words of my life in a book.12 

He showed me people who needed to hear the message of how He worked in my life, how His words, His power and His presence made a difference.

God Specializes In Impossible

It seemed an impossible task, just like speaking the world into existence. However, God specializes in impossible tasks. Whatever He calls us to do is possible.13 It can be done through the power of His grace.14

The biggest mistake I ever made was to ignore God’s voice when I knew He was speaking to me.

The best decisions I’ve ever made, though, have been when I have listened to and followed what He told me.

What is He saying to you? What is He telling you to do?



If God is calling you to write a book, then you must write it. I know you have excuses about how you could never in a million years do that. Guess what, if God calls you, He will show you a way.

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