why god hates excuses

the chapter i left out of ‘sweet excuses’

The quick answer to that is because excuses keep us from God’s best.

I was a Christian. I was a good church member. And I was a glutton. II didn’t see it at the time, but God kept trying to get my attention and help me overcome this issue.

My overeating kept me from the mission He had for me. That was to be a Christian weight loss coach, author, podcaster, and speaker. I definitely couldn’t do that as a super, morbidly obese woman He kept telling how to overcome my issue, and I kept ignoring Him. I didn’t understand that He had that specific destiny in mind for me. He knew it, and He knew what I needed to do to get there.

This short chapter I left out of Sweet Excuses: Stop Lying to Yourself and Start Losing Weight may be the most important chapter of all. When we are Christians and are living a lifestyle of sin, we are actually following the evil one’s plans for us. Not God’s.

This is a must-read chapter for those who have read Sweet Excuses and those who haven’t. It will give you a taste of what the book is all about. It’s my gift to you for subscribing to our website. Sign up below and get your free download now.