“There is an anointing for writing that is to be lusted after,” said Bill Johnson, senior pastor, Bethel Church. “It’s a presence of the Lord that is to be highly prized. It’s a presence that when it comes you drop whatever you are doing, come away with Him and write it down.”

writersdeskJohnson, along with Paul Manwaring, spoke during the first day of Writing Unto the Glory Conference at Bethel Church, Redding, CA.


“When you write in a creative way out of the presence and revelation of God and the time you are in, your life is transferred to the page. Those who read, read out of your own experience and the anointing is transferred to them.”

Johnson added, writers need to work with disicipline and intensity. “When we do that, God will honor us with moments of inspiration.”

Writers should write where about a subject for which they would take a bullet, Johnson said. “What does your heart burn for? Where do you have fire?”

Another important element is to find where you as a writer have experience and history in God. “Learning to recognize God, what He produces and creates is monumental. People are made in His image we have a relationship with our Creator Father. The most natural thing in the world is for us to be creative,” Johnson said.

“When you can’t sense the presence of God, you still operate out of raw discipline and obedience. Work the best you know how. Fire always fall on sacrifice.”

Johnson explained that he sits down to write because that is what he is. He is a writer.  “I commit my work to the Lord. I write and get in a revelation moment, the anointing, the sense of the presence comes. It’s a fragile moment. It is a divine moment to be treasured. It’s not a time to sit down to evaluate whether I am worthy for it. When the moment comes, you don’t want to mess it up. It’s a God moment and you better capture it.”

Johnson also explained there are moments where you suddenly understand a lot of things you didn’t understand before. You understand even though you didn’t do anything different. You might have just been driving along and God shows you sermons, books, songs.

God doesn’t give many chances at divine moments. “He might bring it up again or He might not,” he said. “You asked for the moment. You got the moment. It might not come back. It’s an offering to get up and listen or write it down. Moments in God don’t come when we plan them.”


In addition to revelation, God gives wisdom and will show His people mysteries (Ephesians 1). “There are many things that are hidden. These things are hidden for us and not from us. There will be specific generations for which they are released. we have to ask for the things hidden for us. We have conviction for things but we do not have the language. Ask God to help you articulate things that completely dismember demonic arguments.”

Like C.S. Lewis, we need to be able to take “big thoughts and reduce them to an eight-year-old’s level,” Johnson said.

God’s plan also is for writers to write with complete wholeness and health. Writers, like all believers, should commit their works to the Lord and their plans will be established.

“It’s not about you. You are a vessel he will flow through to touch someone else’s life … You have to start somewhere. Go journal, write a blog.”

Johnson gave practical advice about writing ideas randomly and keeping them together but not structuring them. Just allow the ideas to come. Later, after exhausting all ideas, begin structure. Decide if I was a lawyer presenting this case, what would I present first, what would go last and then in between?

Believing your story

An author and conference presenter, Paul Manwaring, talked about believing your story. “Do you believe your life story? Do you understand where your life and experiences are concerned God wastes nothing to get you ready?”

“He is jealous for you to fulfill your potential. I am just an ordinary man doing the best I could and He has taken me from one place to another. He doesn’t waste anything in my life or yours.”

Writers should be aware of where they are placed, what their life story is and how it affects the time they are in. “If you have been born for such a time as this, it’d be good to know what time it is. The scripture says, don’t be afraid for I am in God’s place.”

In addition, writers should learn to live a believable story. “I want to be believable. I want what I say, do and think to be all one in the same thing. Lying is hard work.”

Being believable is about integrity and being congruous of thoughts and actions. “Make a commitment to yourself and keep it. What’s the real motive of your heart and life? What’s your agenda? Is your behavior congruent with what you say?”

Manwaring challenged those present to really consider if they believed the story they have written can change people’s lives. “Do you believe the power of what you have written? We are believers but sometimes the things we struggle with the most is believing.”

Do you believe your life story?




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