1. Each individual should have a foundation in God.
  2. Christ must be the center of your marriage.  If not, you should not be getting married.
  3. Commit to each other, to your relationship and your marriage.
  4. Learn the fine art of compromise for the sake of the relationship, especially on things that are not that big in the great scheme of things.
  5. Communicate with each other. Talk, talk, talk. Tell your spouse your secrets but don’t tell others your spouse’s secrets.
  6. Enjoy each other’s company.  Do things together. Have time you spend apart, as well.
  7. Don’t be unequally yoked that means spiritually as well as culturally, emotionally and intellectually,
  8. If you are thinking about remarrying, remember God can mend anything. Don’t lose faith.  Give it to Him to work out the details.
  9. Save yourself for the person you will marry.  Wait for the right person.  Today we have fast food, instant everything.  We are desensitized.  We think we have to have the relationship of our dreams right now.  It takes time, commitment and prayer.  If you wait for the right person, you will have the best thing in the world.
  10. Don’t live together before you get married.  When you live together or become sexually involved before you are married, you give away one of God’s gifts. Do it repeatedly and the gift diminishes.
Steve and Debbie Dupree