My wordpress site is up.  I’ve done some categorizing and although I’m not finished editing and categorizing a lot of the older entries, I have copied everything over from the old blog. The new one is at

As I am learning the world of blogging, I think I gave some bad advice to those who follow my blog. I told you to join via Networked Blogs. Well, come to find out wordpress does not support that venue very well.  The best way to subscribe is to go to the blog by clicking on top of this entry, if you are on facebook or just go to  Then at the top of the right sidebar you will see a place that says:  Email subscription.  You put your email in there and each time there is a new post, it will notify you via email.

By way of explanation, I have a home page you come to that describes a bit about the blog.  Across the top, right below the header photo are the names of the pages. One page is New Blog Posts and that is where you find the most recent post. On the right side you will also see a list that says: Click on the top post for most recent.  You will see the titles and can click on those that interest you.

The posts are also being categorized by various topics such as Devotionals, Health, Life Coaching, Writing, #Trust 30 Challenge, Fiction and Poetry.  I may add other categories but this is a start.  As I said I haven’t gotten them all entered yet but it is a start.

On the bottom of each post you will see in small type the places the entries have been categorized and tagged. Also you will see something that says Leave a Comment. To say something about the post, click on this and type in what you’d like to say.  It will ask you to log in under wordpress, facebook, twitter or as a guest.  It does not matter how you log your comment, I get them all.  It is just a handy way wordpress has for someone to leave a comment and not be some alien from outer space.

I’d love to know how you like this format, what advice you have for me and what subjects you’d be interested in. By the way, if you are some alien from outer space, just use guest.