Today is interesting. Stuck in Limon, Colorado with blown tire. It totally separated tread from tire. We were blessed to be on flat road out of traffic. Today I am reminded of God’s goodness and grace in my life. I’m thankful for competent staff who fill in at the last minute and cover the bases in my group home. I have my plans but many times those are released due to circumstances around us. When that happens, the old plans are free to go and new ones emerge, like this one where I am entering this post by way of my phone. But it’s getting done.

Tyler and Emily tie the knot in beautiful Estes Park, CO.

I’m reminded of the ways I get stuck in other places in my life trying to make an old plan last knowing all along it is going no where. Releasing old theories and plans and strategies that aren’t working is hard because they are what we know and are comfortable with.

This weekend attending the weekend celebration of my nephew’s wedding I was reminded of how to have fun, go with the flow and be filled to overflowing with joy. There was abundant laughter celebrating the bride and groom and there were tears of remembrance, the passage of a girl and boy to a man and woman of God ready to help change the world. Very fitting that we closed out the night with dancing.

Even though we have had a minor setback in our plans, we are filled to the brim with a pure Rocky Mountain High.