I’m taking a course. Yes, old dogs can learn new tricks or so I hope.  It’s called, Blogging 101. I’ve been trying my hand at a post a day for the last month through a great site called #Trust30 that provides writing prompts based on quotes from Ralph Waldo Emerson.

It actually got me to writing again consistently, doing the work I should have been doing long ago.  I was a little apprehensive when day 30 approached.  Would I be able to continue writing a post a day if no one was giving me a prompt?

I felt that still, small voice tell me that I could do it, just write a devotional a day.  I’ve always wanted to write devotionals but I’ve been too afraid to try. Something about feeling like I wouldn’t be doing it right. However, I realized right is only in the eyes of the publishers who aren’t really paying that much anyway.  Since I’m publishing things on my blog, I guess I’m the publisher.

If and when I decide to send in a devotional message to be published by another, I’ll have to figure out what they are saying and do it or face rejection.  So, don’t tell me the devotionals are too long. I know they are.  I’ll work on that.

Meantime, as I’m publishing a devotional a day, #Trust30 is still sending out writing prompts. So this was day 33, I think. Anyway, this is my third, count it, third post of the day. Why? I’m getting around to that. Last night I read in our information for the first week of class that the more important aspect of blogging is not your followers but the number of page views per day and per month.

I had seen these stats before the writing prompts and they were very dismal. So last night I set a goal of 50 page views per month. Today, just for kicks I went to look at the number. Imagine my surprise when yesterday’s page views were 49, almost what my goal is for the whole month!  My page views for the month are over 1,000.

I guess that means someone is looking. Don’t know if you read or not, but at least you are looking. realize if I’m posting more, it gives people more to read or at least look at.

So, give a blogger a break, why not?  Post in some fashion either by a facebook like or comment or a post on one of the groups I post in and let me know you read what I wrote and either you hated it, you liked it, it was OK, you never want to read another post, keep them coming or something.  It does help. Really it does.