“Whether you turn to the right or to the left, you will hear a voice saying, “This is the road! Now follow it.” Isaiah 30:21 CEV

I’m a visual learner. So, when telling someone how to get to my house, I draw a map.  I can follow most maps. I have to admit, mine sometimes leave a bit to be desired, but I try to give a idea.

Problem is, my drawing is many times not sufficient for them to get to my address.  So, I also give them directions. Go to the first stop sign, turn right. Next stop sign, turn left. Fourth street, turn left. Fourth house on the left.

These days, though, the best method of finding anyone’s place seems to be a GPS.  The system locates where you are. You input where you want to go and it gives you turn-by-turn directions.

Driving through Denver on vacation recently our daughter’s cell phone with GPS proved invaluable. I had the same thing on my phone, but it wasn’t helpful because I didn’t know how to read it.  I couldn’t tell my husband which road to take.

Even though the system showed me where I was and where I needed to go, I had never used it before.  It was like trying to read a foreign language.

My Dad’s favorite song was a little known one, called, “I’m Using My Bible for a Road Map.”  My father could do this because He knew God’s Word forward and backward. He read and studied it daily.  It was his passion.

You could ask him any question about life and he would refer you to a biblical reference.  Understanding what God wanted him to do was not a major issue for him.  He knew God’s Word and he knew what God said. He trusted that God would direct him if he got off the right path turning to the right or the left.

Dad went through life trusting God to be his guide because He knew how to read God’s GPS. Instead of worrying about what God wants us to do, perhaps we should all just read the directions.