Guest Posts

As a kid, I loved to read biographies and true stories. I especially liked the ones that made presidents and world-changers into normal, everyday people who struggle with the meaning of their lives.

Everyone has a story. Everyone has struggles of one type or another. Isn’t in the struggles that insight is gained; victories won? The world view I share on this site includes each person’s journey connecting with the God of the universe.

Your story matters. Your insight matters. Your discoveries matter. Your quest for purpose in a seemingly purposeless world matters.

I’d like to invite you to share your story with me; with those who read this website.

The stories I share center around my journey towards wholeness, health and happiness. Most anything in life can fit into those three categories.

If your story doesn’t include God or purpose or your dreams or living intentionally, it probably won’t be published here.

Perfect post
Here are the makings of the perfect post. There is more detail below, but this gives you the basics. Understand nothing is set in stone. I don’t even like stone.

  • Under 600 words
  • Focused on one point
  • Clear and concise
  • Has a Christian worldview
  • Gives unique insight into a age-old issue or problem
  • Short paragraphs
  • Includes headline and subheads
  • Quotes, scriptures with reference and version, attributions, links included
  • Includes question at the end for reader interaction and comments
  • Photo or artwork to illustrate the post
  • Short bio with links
  • Personal photograph in .jpg format
  • No sales pitches (though links to specific posts on your blog are acceptable if they relate to the post)

Length and Editing
I am in love with words. I can’t help it. I have a hard time keeping my posts short. However, I do believe shorter, tighter, more concise posts are better. For that reason, the target post length would be 600 words or less.

I do make exceptions on the length. Just keep in mind, I’m an editor and this is my website so your piece will be edited. (See the post, I am a horrible writer.)to write is human, to edit is divine

Please use a headline, subheads and short paragraphs. This keeps the reader engaged. I may change these, but the more work you do, the less I have to do. I like less work, but I do want your story to be the best it can be. Sometimes a second set of eyes can help bring life to your post.

Include a question at the end of the post, one that will cause the reader to think and interact with you in the comments section. When you post appears, I will want you to reply to the comments made. Guest post are categorized under Welcome Wednesdays. You can go there and see how previous guest posters have interacted with readers. I use Disqus, which is simple. If you haven’t used it before, just click to comment at the bottom of this post. It will ask for the information needed and you will then be set up as a Disqus user.

Try not to be preachy but let the reader come to their own conclusions. Use of scripture is fine. I prefer more modern translations to relate to our age and culture. Giving a fresh perspective on a scriptural principle is always good.

Although from time to time I will post articles from those who do not have their own blog, I prefer my guests have a blog. I prefer to share posts here that have not been published in other places, even on your own blog.

On the day your post comes out, I ask you post something on your own blog that will point your readers to your guest post here.

Bio and Photo
Submitting a guest post to me is an opportunity to expose new people to what moves your heart. Please include a short bio, just a couple of short sentences about you and where they can go to find more of your work, a link to your blog and to one or two social media channels.

For example, here’s mine:
Teresa Shields Parker is a writer, editor and publisher. She believes every person is writing their story by the life they live every day. Read her work at or catch her at

Don’t forget to send your photo in .jpg format.

Artwork and photos
A picture paints a thousand words. I have some kind of art with every post. If you have a photo you have purchased, is your own photograph or is a royalty free photograph that goes with the theme of your post, please send it my way. Any caption or attribution needed should be included.

Guest posts are run on Wednesday. Many times I have posts planned a month in advance.

If you are considering writing a guest post, email me at [email protected] with the subject matter and date you will be sending your post.

Send the entire post as a Word document or include it in the body of the email. I will let you know if it fits my criterion and approximately when I will run your post. At least a week before I will send you the edited version and let you know the exact day your guest post will appear on my site.

Everything I just wrote is subject to being thrown in the trash. If someone submits a 2,000-word piece with unique perspective, timeless insight and great writing style, but needs tons of editing I may run it just because I love unearthing gems amongst the coal. It’s all in the writing. Good writing can always be edited to make great writing.

Come on, show me what you’ve got!