“Wow, you look great,” the customer service rep at the auto repair shop exclaimed. “I haven’t seen you since last year, but what are you doing to lose so much weight?”

Most of you know I’ve lost 260 pounds, but not in the last year. In the last year I’ve lost like 10 pounds. I know with the amount of exercise I do, things are rearranging and muscles are building so that might have been part of why I look to her like I’ve lost more.
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I know she’s not one of these people who compliments everyone so I felt what she said was genuine.

Down Play It

My normal response to a compliment is to play it down. And that’s what I began doing first. “Well, I have lost a lot of weight, but not that much in the last year,” I found myself saying.

She continued, “I can tell a big difference in the last time you were in here.”

I caught myself at that point and reflected for a few seconds on the grace and mercy of God who has led me on this extreme weight loss journey. I’ve come to realize, this journey is not about me. It’s all about Him.

God led me on this journey to show others it’s possible to tap into His strength to live the life of an overcomer. I have overcome some immense issues. They are intertwined with the weight, but aren’t all what you would think of when going on a weight loss journey.

Seven Keys on My Journey

I thought about the key things I’ve learned. First of all, I realized if I am going to be of use to myself, God or anyone else I have to love me. It wasn’t an easy thing to do to love what I’d done to myself. I had to start to speak kindly to myself. I began to repeat the scripture over myself and believe that I am loved by the God of the universe.1

Second, I saw that God has a vision2 for my life and that maybe, just maybe, the dreams I feel will never come true are dreams He has placed there to move me forward on this journey.

Third, I believed it was possible to change bad habits into good ones. I began to see there is a method that helps me do what I want to do instead of what I don’t want to do.3 Not only does it help me one time, but it helps incorporate it so it becomes a lifestyle change.

Fourth, I finally understood what it means to allow my spirit to lead me rather than my body or soul. In doing so, I began to feel like a whole person, every part of me in alignment with God’s purposes for me.4

Fifth, I embraced total change.5 I owned my food addiction. I was going towards an unhealthy lifestyle. I turned around and I started towards health.

Sixth, I recognized and began to stop emotional eating. I realized I was afraid of my emotions and so I ate to keep them quiet. So it went like this. If I was sad, I would eat; mad, eat; happy, eat; tired, eat; lonely, eat; worried, eat; overwhelmed, eat.

I began to understand the meaning of “be angry and sin not.”6 I started to find better ways to deal with and even embrace my emotions.

Seventh, I realized how small failures had derailed me time and time again. I began to learn from my failures. I learned ways I get sidetracked and how to overcome them. Never give up became my motto.

Give the Credit Where It’s Due

Now, I couldn’t tell the customer service gal all of that in the two-minute conversation we were having. Instead I said, “God has led me on an amazing journey. I’ve lost weight, but I’ve also changed my mindset about food, emotions and life in general. I ‘ve actually written a book about my journey.”

“What’s the name of your book,” she said, pen in hand.

“I actually have two. Sweet Grace tells about my initial weight loss journey. My other book, Sweet Change, talks about the concept of continual change. I also have a coaching group and a new video course.”

“What’s the course?”

“Sweet Change 101: Seven Keys for the Weight Loss Journey. It’s the basic things I think everyone needs who really wants to not just lose weight, but change their lifestyle.”

“I’m very interested in everything you’re saying.”

There were people waiting in line. I told her I’d bring her a book when I came back to get the car.

It’s Not About Me

Here’s what I learned from that encounter. It’s not about me. It’s not about my books. It’s not about my group or courses. It’s about the needs of people. That’s the heartbeat of God.

His heart beats for us. He has shown me that every step I take in sharing my journey is not about me. It is so others can come closer to God through their weakness or addiction.

In the Lord’s prayer, Jesus prayed, “Deliver us from evil.”8 What’s more evil than an addiction or craving that you feel you can’t get rid of?

Believe me, I know all about it. There was no bigger sugar and gluten addict than me. However, God in His grace delivered me. If He can do that with me, oh friends, He can and will help you overcome your difficulties!


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Final Word

By the way, I think the best response to a true compliment is simply, “Thank you, but all the glory goes to God.”

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