It’s beyond my wildest dreams for #KickWeight, our first six-month, weight loss coaching class. The total weight lost is now up 387 pounds! I keep saying it, but even I can’t believe it and I, myself, have lost 265 pounds. I’m blown away, for real.

It’s a crazy, absolutely ridiculous God thing. It just shows that He can do anything with people fully committed to the process of listening to Him. It proves He cares about your weight loss and mine because He cares about us and our lives.


I’m proud of every member of #KickWeight. They’ve worked hard. They’ve applied the principles and they are not just inching forward, but finally running towards a goal they can see. They’ve learned that God really does care about their physical health and that He will lead them. They’ve learned that their job is just to listen and follow.

Don’t just take my word for it as a gushing coach, though. Here’s what group member Lisa Niles has to say.

For the first time I have had peace about my weight. I don’t have to figure it all out in a certain amount of time and if I haven’t reached my goal that doesn’t mean I have failed. There is no shame. I have learned to listen to Father God and what He wants for me. God always wants good for me. I’m finally allowing Him to show me and lead me. I have always believed the lie that He doesn’t care about what I eat. He is too busy for that. Being in #KickWeight and using the tools that Teresa has taught us has exposed that lie I was believing. Father God does care about me and wants to be a part of my everyday life, including what I eat. I have lost 10 pounds, but the best thing is I have gained trust and freedom.

If you know me at all whether you’ve read one of my books, a blog post or an article in Charisma or if you are one of more than 44,000 who follow me on my Facebook page @Teresa Shields Parker, or on Pinterest, Twitter or Instagram @treeparker, you know I’m passionate about taking back control of your life. It’s all about getting a whole new perspective, reprogramming your brain for health, life and success.

Taryn Cotton took her six months in the group to do just that. Here’s what she has to say about her journey.

Through #KickWeight I’ve learned and I am still learning how to renew my mind. I don’t binge on sweets nearly as much as I used to and I am more mindful of what I’m eating and why. Reading or listening to Teresa’s books, blogs and video teachings on a daily basis helps me to be mindful of what and why I’m eating and keeps me focused on the goal. It’s when I don’t engage in these activities that I tend to go off track. My mind is being renewed and my habits are changing.

As a coach, I help those in my groups look at life from God’s perspective. After all, He’s all that matters. He used my issue with extreme weight to bring me so close to Him that at times I can hardly stand it.

Now, He’s anointed me to lead others to do the same. Yes, they’re losing weight, but I’m much more excited about the changes happening “from the inside out,” Romans 12:2 MSG.

Debbie Magner says this about what happened to her in #KickWeight.

I want to share my victory. I have lost 10 pounds, which is awesome, but there is so much more. I am learning how to live a victorious life. I am finally living a healthy life and being obedient to God!

As you can tell, what those in the group have learned is way more important than how much weight they have lost. They have begun a healthy living journey that will last.

When you come into #KickWeight, you won’t find another diet program. You are going to find spiritual activation to begin to live a life of health and wellness beyond your wildest dreams. All I’m asking you to do is commit, really commit, to the process and do the work.

#KickWeight is now open for registration and I am praying you will join. I could have charged many times over what I priced this group at, but I wanted you to be able to afford it.

If you total up all the times you go out for fast food, I’m sure it will far exceed the price of this group. So just cut a few of those out and join us for the transformation of your life.

Hurry, though. Doors close on October 1 when we begin the class. Go HERE for all the information and to register. I can’t wait to meet you!

P.S. Did I mention that my wildest dream is to see you succeed? It would be my distinct honor and privilege to be your coach and mentor on this journey. Let’s do this together!