I can’t help it.  In thinking of myself 10 years from now, my mind automatically goes to the literal, what I was like 10 years ago and what the now me would say to the past me.

Ten years ago, I was editing a Christian newspaper I helped begin.  I was also editing my own parenting magazine. I had two children and a foster son in school.  I was 200 lbs heavier than I am now. My life was extremely  hectic. 
It was this year that because of a major downturn in advertising revenue, we decided to cease publishing the Christian newspaper. To understand the impact this had on me you have to know that the one thing I believe God had shown me when I was in high school and getting ready to go to college was that one day I would write and edit a Christian newspaper totally funded by advertising revenue. 
This was a pretty original concept with me. Therefore, I know it was a God idea.  In the early 70s there were not Christian newspapers except for those funded by denominational support. I wanted the paper to be without denominational ties so that news could be printed that was relevant to all people.
Without going into the whole story, Good News Journal came together and was literally dropped in my lap and that of a new friend.  We had to decide to turn it around and keep it going or give it up.  We went for it.
Ten years ago, though, in 2001, it died.
I grieved. There is no other way to say it.  I also thought God was finished with me.  The one thing He showed me had been done.
Now, looking back at the last 10 years, I know I wasted time feeling sorry for myself and trying to figure out what next, instead of just jumping in head first and saying, “Ok, God, let’s do the work.”   
The adventures and turns my life has taken over the last 10 years have shown me it is best to go with the flow of the Spirit. Just because God shows you one thing, it does not mean you are done when that has been accomplished. I believe He showed that to me as a starting place and expected me to go great guns from there.
I now have a business that is sustaining our family in a way I had never imagined.  I have lost over 200 lbs.  I was able to publish a parenting magazine that had a Christian bend to it and was well received.
My regret is that I have not done the work that I should be doing. I have been wanting to write, wishing I could write something meaningful but not really writing because I felt it had to be perfect.  So, now I am doing the work. I am writing.  Ideas are flowing freely.
Long way around to my future self tweeting back to me now. It would be simple.  “You are not done yet. Do the work.”
Writing Prompt:

Speak what you think now in hard words, and tomorrow speak what tomorrow thinks in hard words again, though it contradict every thing you said today. – Ralph Waldo Emerson
Imagine your future self, ie, you 10 years from now. If he/she were to send you a tweet or text message, 1) what would it say and 2) how would that transform your life or change something you’re doing, thinking, believing or saying today?  (Author: Tia Singh)