God’s love is immeasurable and yet we can know the love of God. Do you feel that you truly comprehend His love? Would you like to? That was the subject of a recent message by Dr. Gary Denbow. Speaking Sunday, Feb. 3, 2013, at Christian Chapel in Columbia, MO, he share what it is like to know the love of God.

Gary and Doris Denbow sing their love of God before the message by Dr. Denbow. (Roy Parker photo)

“Wherever God’s love finds you, He lifts you up into heavenly place in Christ Jesus. God’s plan is to make you somebody,” explained Denbow, president of Central Bible College, Springfield.

The message was directed to believers who haven’t learned to fully trust the love of God and to unbelievers who are running away from God’s love. “No matter how long you’ve been running, God still loves you. His love is longer than you can run,” Denbow said.

His message came from Ephesians 3;14-19 where Paul prayed for the Ephesizns church. The reason for his prayer included the fact that he had been instrumental in the beginning of this church and was profoundly interested in the ongoing spiritual depth of the people there.

The prayer includes many specific words which were examined in depth during the message. The following includes questions from the message. These are designed to be used with a small group or in your personal devotion time.

Read Ephesians 3:14-19. Why is Paul offering this prayer?

Eph. 3:16 What is a grant? What is this grant based on?  Where does this grant come from? What does this grant consist of?

What kind of strength is Paul talking about here? What does it mean to be strengthened in your inner man?

How is a person strengthened through the Holy Spirit? How does it happen?

Eph. 3:17 If we are Christians Christ dwells in our hearts so what does Paul mean by “that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith?”  What kind of person does God want to dwell with, have intimate fellowship with, visit often?

How can we be rooted in God’s love? Roots need nourishment just as we need spiritual nourishment from the love of God. How do we get this? When we are rooted in love what will our lives be like when the storms come?

Being grounded speaks of the grounding or foundation on which a building is erected. What then would being grounded in love mean?

Eph. 3:18 What does it mean to comprehend this truth?

Eph. 3:19 Knowing is based on an infallible source, has a certainty beyond opinion that the thing believed is true, is experienced with all the senses in every part of one’s being and is verified and signified by experience. How is this different from the common idea of knowledge?

Eph. 3:18  Breadth—“God’s love is always one step ahead of you. Wherever he finds you, He will bring you back to Him.”  What does this mean to you?

Length—“There is no time limit to the love of God. It will endure to the end.” Give an example of this.

Height—“Wherever God’s love finds you, He lifts you up into heavenly places in Christ Jesus. God’s plan is to make you somebody.” How has God made you somebody?

Depth—“God loves you in the deepest parts of your soul.” Share with your group what it would mean or does mean to you when you experience this kind of love.

Pray earnestly that you will comprehend and know the love of God. Pray specifically for yourself and individuals you know that none will escape the love of God.

Teresa Shields Parker
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