I have been young
and now I am old.
I have had dreams
and now I see visions.

Bright as the morning
they beckon to reach the heavens.
But am I of any use any more?
What can I do with this aging body?

Wrinkles fade.
Turkey gobbler goes away.
Dark circles under the eyes disappear.

Eyes twinkle.
Age diminishes.
Welcome spoken in all languages.

I have been young
and very, very foolish.
Now I am older
and much wiser.

My path and purposes
clearer, more focused.
Selfish desires put aside.
My soul container, now God’s temple.

“Truth is beautiful, without doubt; but so are lies.” —Ralph Waldo Emerson

My response to the #Trust30 writing prompt: Mirror, mirror on the wall…find the nearest mirror. Keep looking for three minutes. Write about what you see. (Author: Esther Poyer)