Do you worry about money? Have you told yourself you’d like to give money to the church or a Christian organization but you just don’t have enough?

Multi-ethnic Young Woman Agonizing Over Financial Calculations in Her Kitchen.God is a giver and wants to provide for his children, according to Paul McDonald, interim pastor, Christian Chapel, Columbia. “If you believe God is a taker, then you will never be a giver. The Lord is saying there is so much more going on than what’s in your wallet and I really want you to understand this.”

McDonald, speaking Sunday, March 10, added that God’s principles many times don’t make sense to the world, however there are kingdom principles at work. “God does not do things the way we do them.”

The way God’s principles work, giving unleashes the ability for blessings to flow, he added. “Do you want the flow to continue or not? When we get stingy, it creates a hurdle, a spiritual round about, that God has to get over. It slows down the process. God is a giver.  When we give back, it brings bounty into our lives.”

With major spiritual forces in the world, McDonald pointed out. “There is a force to be reckoned with and we want that force to be with us. That force is Jesus.”

What are some paradoxical statements in the Kingdom of God?

In times of need or economic depression, what would the world tell you to do? What does God tell you do?

What does God want to do for us throughout our life regarding provision?

Am I on my own or do I have a heavenly father who has promised to take care of? Am I going to eat at the table God has prepared for me or am I going to worry if there is going to be a table for me to sit at? What do I really believe about what God will do for me? How do we show that we don’t believe this? How do we show that we do believe this?

How is giving and tithing a statement not of our love for God but God’s love for us?

What kind of things does money say to you? What does God say?

Is there a struggle between God and money? If so what is it? What is it not?

Matthew 6:18 What are the two investment choices we have? What is the outcome of each choice?

How do we store up “treasures in heaven?” How do you know where your heart is?

Matthew 6:24 What are the two value judgments we have to make?

What kind of things can we be devoted to?

What does it mean to despise God?

How is it impossible to cling to money and to God?

Matt. 6:25-34  When we worry, what kinds of things do we focus on? What does God say we should focus on?
What is kingdom math? How do we make sure we have the provision we need?

There is a  force to be reckoned with and we want the force to be with us. That force is Jesus. How do we sometimes show that we just don’t really care about Jesus?

Do you believe your giving adds blessings beyond your life? In what ways?

What does the enemy try to get us to be anxious about?

How does worry help? What does help? How does our life reveal whether or not we are worrying?

“All of us are eating the meal God has given us and all He asks is to give back the dish. If you don’t, He can’t refill it. As we give back the empty dish, He will fill it.” What does this illustration mean to you? How might it work in your life?

Teresa Shields Parker
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