What is the power and purpose of the blood of Jesus? Is it just some Christian formula that we pray? What pleading the blood of Jesus really mean? What is the purpose of the wine during communion?

“My mother would always pray, ‘Father, I plead the blood of Jesus over this situation’ or ‘Father, cover this situation with your blood,” Paul McDonald, interim pastor at C2 Church, Columbia, February 24, 2013. “As a boy I wasn’t sure what that meant. They were just words she used when she prayed.”

As an adult, though, McDonald learned that his mother’s prayer was more than just words. It appropriated the victory Jesus Christ accomplished through his shed blood on the cross. His love was sacrificial. That sacrifice made all the difference.

When McDonald’s mother was in stage 4 of Alzheimer’s, his brother asked him to go pray for her one day. He did but then she wanted to pray for him. The prayer went something like this: “Father, I plead the blood of Jesus Christ over Paul and his family.” Paul said he knew there was power behind her words.

“As Christian we do not have to plead with God. We do not have to beg God. We do not have to earn his love. We only need to appropriate and receive what He has already done for us.”

McDonald went on to say pleading the blood of Christ is not a Christian formula.  “It is not some pentecostal incantations but it is recognizing the victory Jesus Christ won through the shedding of his blood on the cross. When you plead the blood of Jesus over a situation, a spiritual dynamic is applied.”

He continued to say that the blood of Jesus is that power greater than both the energy of our own humanity and that of our adversary. “This power that
saves us is also the power that releases, delivers, and neutralizes the enterprises of hell, and the weaknesses of our humanity.”

To understand the power and purpose of the blood of Jesus Christ, McDonald explained we need to understand the Passover, the Passover lamb and how Jesus became the sacrificial Passover lamb. By doing this His blood protects, delivers, bring the promise of a new day and serves as a witness to others.

Bible study

The wine in the communion celebration is a symbol of the shed blood of Jesus Christ. In taking communion we are doing more than just making a “glib” nod to Jesus. We are acknowledging His sacrifice and spilling of blood so that we are forgiven of the things we have done against God. How does understanding this making all the difference in the world?

Exodus 12:1-13 On the 10th day what were the Israelites supposed to do? Where did they bring the lamb? What did they do on the 14th? What did they do with the blood of the lamb?

What is the significance of the fact that on Jesus’ 33rd Passover he rode into Jerusalem on a donkey on the 10th and was crucified on the 14th?

John 1:29 What did the people understand about what John was proclaiming?

What type of love did this signify?


Exodus 1:13 How did the blood of the lamb protect the Israelites?

How would bringing a lamb into the house, allowing it to live with you for five days and then killin it, affect you? What do you think God was trying to tell the Israelites through this?

Isaiah 31:4-5 The same word for Passover is used in these verses. What does this indicate about the word Passover?

What ways has God protected you?


Exodus 12:11 How did God want them to eat the Passover lamb?

Exodus 12:29-33 Why was it necessary that they eat in this manner?

The Israelites were in captivity a long time. When individuals are in a chronic situation that has lasted a long time, do you think they believe deliverance will come suddenly? Why or why not?

When God sets people free, it is always to worship. Discuss this.

Ephesians 6:12 “In the conference rooms in hell, the powers of darkness are strategizing specific plans against each person. We try to combat what is happening on the natural level. We need to appropriate God’s suddenlies.” How do you know if what is happening is something you need to work on in the natural or spiritual? If it is spiritual what specifically should we do?

Isaiah 54:17 If there is a specific weapon the enemy has formed against you, what type do you think the enemy it is?

In what area do you need a suddenly from God? Share with the group and pray a prayer similar to this: “By your blood, Jesus, bring deliverance in my life and set me free.”

Promise of a new day

Exodus 12:31 Notice Pharoah calls the Hebrew slaves Israelites. This is the first time he calls them this. What do you think is the significance of this?

Exodus 12:2 What would it mean to you to have the Promise of a New Day? What do you think would have to happen for Jesus to say to you, “Today is the start of a new day in your life”? Has this happened to you?

How does rehearsing the past keep you in bondage?

Witness to others

Ephesians 12:48 Why do you think they actually might have sought refuge in the homes of Israelites and ate the Passover with them?

How is the blood that has been applied to our hearts a witness to others?

How is the blood, as its expressed your home, a witness? Is there a different mood and atmosphere in your home than that of the world?

How can spiritual leaders and cover their family and those they are responsible for with the blood of Christ?

“Vulnerable times can become dynamically wonderful when we put God in charge and He defeats our enemies.” How can this happen in your life? In our church?

Pray together: “Lord we receive the release (deliverance) from any devices the Enemy would like to put on us.”

Teresa Shields Parker
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