As I was praying for one of my coaching groups last week, God had a word for them. I quickly wrote it down so I could share it with them. I was reviewing it today and I realized this is not just a word for them, but for anyone who is dealing with addiction of any sort. God didn’t even mention food.

Isn’t that interesting? Food is what I always think of when I think of something I might be doing wrong, but it could be alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, money, illicit sex, unhealthy relationships or any myriad of other things. God knows our hearts and speaks right to them.

Here’s God’s Word from 10-10-17

Whatever happens on the outside of you, in your body, your physical nature is totally governed by you. When I lead you to change something, give something up that seems dear to you, it’s because I have good plans for you. I have over-the-top, greater than you can think or imagine dreams for you. It is abundance til it overflows, abundance that just keeps coming.

The only thing that can stop the flow of My abundance is what you choose to love more than Me. When you choose things you think you have to have, you are not putting Me first. I must be first without a second in your life. I always give you a choice.

Remember, it is your choice. Don’t blame it on what you crave. Don‘t blame it on your body that you think is giving up on you. No, it’s not that your body is giving up on you. Your body only responds to what you tell it to do. Trace the causes, the roots. Go to the deep places you’ve been unwilling to visit for so many years.

I am your Defender. I desire for you to get to the roots of what is going on, dig them up and throw them out. Cravings are very physical, but you have allowed them to capture you. They exist because you love fulfilling them.

I love you, but I don’t love what you run to instead of Me. I separate what you are doing from you, but you can’t seem to do that. You see yourself and what you crave as synonymous. But you are not what you crave or what you have craved.

You are soul and spirit. You are a beautiful being I have placed in a limited human container so you can work out your salvation with fear and trembling. However, you do not have to do it alone. Let Me help you.

All you have to do is listen to Me, then follow and obey. I will uplift you. You will not die when you give up those things you think you must have. You may scream. You may cry. How long has it been that you have allowed yourself to do that? How long, My Daughter? How long, My Son?

Come to Me. Let Me fill you with everything you need and you will never want for anything else. Never again. Surrender. Really desire to surrender. Completely surrender.

Leave no closets closed from My entrance. Leave everything you think you’ve kept secret laid out for Me and I will cast them into the depths of the sea. After that, I will pour my healing salve into the wounds you’ve carried for way too long.

Total surrender will bring total transformation. Total surrender will break the chains of addiction. Total surrender is the only way to freedom.

Fall on your face before Me. I will lift you up. I promise. I will lift you up.


Today as I was preparing this to send out, I realized the significance of 10-10-17. Ten means restoration, testing and responsibility, journey and divine order. Seventeen means victory, walk with God and perfection of spiritual order.

This word is for the restoration of those being tested in how they are responsible on their journeys. It will result in victory for them as they walk with God. This will deepen their understanding of the perfect divine spiritual order.

This especially applies to those who turn back to God and once again place Him in His rightful place above the addictions they have participated in. When they let God be God, their lives will fall into place.

By the way, the deeper significance that this is being released on 10-17-17 is not lost on me. Remember 17 is victory, walking with God and perfection of spiritual order. God is emphasizing He is pouring out a double portion of victory as we walk with Him and allow the perfection of spiritual order to be lived out in our lives today!

Why I Coach

Being able to share these kinds of words is one of the reasons I love coaching. However, I never wanted to coach, even though I’ve studied and been trained as a life coach, freedom coach and inner healing coach. I thought all of that was just to get it solidified inside of me.

Then, God called me to coach and so I was obedient to that call. When I began to help others on their journeys, I began to see that God wanted me in this position to share that what He did in my life can be a mirror of what He wants to do in the lives of others.

It is crazy and ridiculous to think of myself as a good example. I used to say if a person looked up sugar addict in the dictionary my picture would be there. My example is one that screams if God can deliver this 430-pound bag of sugar, He certainly can deliver you!


Getting rid of sugar and food addiction is my focus, however in VIP Freedom Coaching, my one-on-one coaching group, I work with all issues that are holding individuals back from living their best lives now. VIP will be available in December and January for an intensive. Go here and sign up on the waitlist.

And as always keep pressing into the real Lover of your soul.