If Bill Johnson, pastor of Bethel Church, Redding, CA, can give presents on his birthday, I can give presents on mine. This morning I sent out a post giving those who read it a FREE copy of Sweet Change: True Stories of Transformation, my newest book.

tp 62

Here I am at her my birthday dinner with family last night. Am I really 62? It doesn’t matter, I’m just glad to be REALLY alive and enjoying God’s abundant living.

I Love To Give

This afternoon, I decided to give another gift. Many of you have been wanting to get into Sweet Change Weight Loss Coaching and Accountability Group, but for one reason or another you can’t. One of those seems to be long term commitment.

One of my most popular offers was last year right before the Christmas season when I offered to allow folks to come into the group for our lowest monthly price with just a two months commitment. I only do this on special occasions and this is one!

Birthday Special

I began Sweet Change Group over a year ago. Since that time many have gone through the group with great results. Each month the group totals creep up. Total loss as a group since March is 177.8 pounds. Unfortunately I was lack in keeping a running total before then.

Here’s the deal, though, weight loss is not the focus. Health is. So many times we focus only on how we look. How we look is dependent on how we feel emotionally and spiritually, as well. It’s a total lifestyle change.

If we work on only one part of us, we will never reach our goal of not only looking better, but feeling better, becoming alive, understanding who we are and stepping into our destiny.


Sweet Change Group is for you whether you have 20 or pounds to lose. Rhonda has lost 60 pounds off her less than five-foot frame. She says, “Sweet Change Group has opened my eyes to the truth about my relationship with food that led to life-long struggles of gaining and loosing weight. It has helped me breakthrough the patterns, surrender the foods to God and grow spiritually. Freedom is wonderful. Having others to share with helps me to see I am not alone and validates the truth!”

Ilse. a former group member, explains, “This group is a safe place for those who have struggled with weight all of their life. Don’t expect a diet or exercise plan, but be willing to go deep and face the REAL issues that cause your overeating and sugar addiction. Take this journey with an amazing and anointed coach to guide you and encouraging friends who are walking the same road. Above all, take God’s hand as He leads you to complete freedom through this group.”

One final comment from PegJean, who says, “I shut myself off from the sunlight of the Spirit. Your book, your story, your group helped me right a life that had veered off course. So, Teresa, thank you for your obedience, your willingness and your time. I have received a Sweet Change result from my time spent with you.”

Sweet Change Group

Now it’s your turn for a Sweet Change. My birthday special is only open through August 15. Get into the group for our lowest price with only a two-month commitment.

Go to the page for more testimonials and to find all the information. Then start your Sweet Change today! Go HERE.


And for those of you who missed this morning’s special,which is a FREE ebook copy of Sweet Change: True Stories of Transformation go HERE. click add to cart, then add the coupon code BDAY2015, click apply coupon and update cart. Check to see that it removed the price, click proceed to check out and the link should arrive in your email. You will also be subscribed. This offer expires Aug. 6 at midnight.

Don’t forget to check out Sweet Change Group HERE. Offer ends August 15, 2015.


Another FREE Gift. This one has been available, but if you haven’t taken advantage of it, you should. Need more energy, stamina, focus? I can guarantee if you get rid of the refined sugar in your life, it will help. And, you will lose weight. Includes 10 short videos, information, recipes, reflection questions. A great way to begin your journey.



Teresa Shields Parker
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