There are normal things that average-size people can do that morbidly obese cannot. I know this for a fact because I used to wish I could the things that most people just take for granted every day.

Today, I found a list I wrote back in 2004 when I weighed 430 pounds. I am happy to say I have no problem with any of the things on my then wish list.

I am set free

Teresa Parker during worship. This would not have been the picture 10 years ago. All praise goes to God.

It saddens me to think my dreams didn’t go much further than being able to buckle my seatbelt. Today, I have no problem buckling my seatbelt.

Here’s my seven normal things. Another day I’ll share the things I never dreamed would happen. And later, my bucket list of things to come.

I Fit

“Table or booth?” the waitress always asks. Today, my answer is booth, so I can sit close to my husband. I fit into chairs with arms on them. I can sit in a regular lawn chair.

I fit behind the wheel of a compact car. I fit in the driver’s seat of the riding lawnmower. And, I fit in the amusement park rides.

I Walk

Walking anywhere used to be a problem. I knew where every bench or chair was in Wal-Mart. I planned my trips carefully so as not to walk extra steps. The other day I walked back and forth across Wal-Mart at least six times.

I love shopping. It’s no longer a drudgery. It’s fun and something I do to relax. I enjoy going to museums, gardens or any kind of attraction. I no longer avoid conventions, workshops or concerts. I run for an hour in the water every weekday.

I Worship

The first thing I did when I walked into church was to see if I was the biggest person there. I would sit on the back row and feel bad about myself. I was very self-focused even in worship services.

Today, we sit near the front. I stand, lift my hands, move to the music and sing with full abandon. I no longer feel guilty that I’m not doing what the Lord is telling me to do in regard to my body. Worshipping outside of church is also free and easy. I finally have nothing to hide and regularly entreat God to show me more.

I Take Care

Taking care of my bodily functions were difficult when I was 260 pounds heavier. Even washing myself was not easy. Today that’s a bygone issue.

I fit in a normal size tub and can get out of a larger tub. Shower stalls are never an issue. I can fit in a regular-size bathroom stall, instead of a handicapped one, and even get up from a low toilet. I’m not afraid of breaking the toilet seat.

I Am Normal

All the pretty clothing colors and styles seemed to be in the section for normal-sized women. I so wished they would make them in my size.

This week I bought two size 12 suits that fit! I love bright colors—pinks, purples, greens, blues and oranges. I’m not afraid to wear patterns, especially anything with butterflies. I have nice underwear that fits. I can find boots and coats that fit. I no longer feel like I’m wearing a garbage bag.

I Have Energy

Knowing I had gifts and talents and wanting so much to share them with the world, but being trapped in a body that caused me to be tired and fatigued, drug me down constantly.

Today, I have so much energy I don’t know what to do with it all. My brain is clear and sharp. My body keeps up with my schedule. My spirit soars ahead planning new adventures. I can say I am in the best shape of my life—body, soul and spirit.

I Love Deeply

When I was extremely large, I thought I was loving people. I was to a certain extent. I was loving them as much as I loved myself, which wasn’t much.

Now, I love deeply. I give myself completely to my husband. I always held something back before, an emotional cushion of some sort. Now, I love with full abandon. We have great times of intimacy. If we have a double bed on vacation, I can fit with him without a problem.

More than that I embrace others fully. There’s nothing like a hug. It speaks volumes. I never hugged much before. Now, I watch out. I hug everything moving.


If you are morbidly obese, I challenge you to write your list of things you can’t do now that you will be able to do when you lose weight. Then, hand the list to God. It will be amazing what He hands you back. It will be the tools you need to conquer that list!

And you will with the help of others, another and the Other on the journey! If you don’t understand that concept, go to the Sweet Change Weight Loss Group page to find out more. Also look at the course, Sweet Change 101, the prerequisite to the group.

Whatever you do, know this, God is your power on this journey. He will get you there if you follow Him.


two treesDo you want to live the life you imagined? Since losing 250 pounds life feels like it’s exploding with colors and possibilities. I have so much energy I don’t know what to do with it all. Shopping trips, daily chores, vacations, exercise are all more fun because I’m not exhausted just walking to the door. I love more deeply, embrace others more fully, discover God’s sublime joy everywhere I look. I want the same for you. I put together Sweet Change 101: Seven Keys for the Weight Loss Journey to share the foundational principles I’ve learned and wish I knew 20 years ago. I developed this course just for you. Don’t wait. Get it today.

Teresa Shields Parker
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