There was a girl inside me

Who wondered who she would be.

Teacher, lawyer, author or

Missionary to the poor?


Take charge, get ‘er done planner,

Achiever and crazy dreamer.

Artist, storyteller, too.

Any and all she could do.


Of her gifts, one she held dear.

It was in her heart most near.

Words flowed from her hand

To help others understand.


I watched the girl go to school.

I watched her become a jewel.

She listened to God above

Walked in light of His love.


Flying free, she faced the world

Of finances, jobs, stresses and crud.

It was then, the little girl hid.

Despite pleas, she shut the lid.


Though her talent she still plied,

Life overwhelmed her as she tried,

To share words from her abode,

In the garbage by the road.


Though many tried to help me

Find the girl who used to be,

She was scared to come out now.

Junk food became home somehow.


It kept emotions at bay

So angry words she wouldn’t say.

She was stuck in her own box

With the key still in the lock.


She could get free any time

And return to God’s design,

But sugary treats were king

And that thought, sadness did bring.


It was time to make a choice.

She really did still have a voice.

She needn’t hide in the garbage bin.

She gave in and turned from sin.


She slowly lifted the lid

To the old box where she hid.

And carefully taking His hand,

She smiled as He helped her stand.


Spinning her slowly around

As her gifts fell to the ground.

She laughed in delight and glee.

Now she knew who she would be.