Mr. Evers was droning on about the use of semi-colons, colons and Leslie couldn’t remember what else. God, if you loved me you’d make him stop talking. Why do I need to know about colons and semi-colons? Besides, I can always google it if I need to know.

Where does creativity come from? From ourselves or somewhere else?

She drew doodles in her spiral notebook and then hearts in the middle. She stopped and stared at the pages. In her mind, the doodles transformed into a necklace, bracelet and earrings.

With careful sketches, she designed the set in earnest. The chain was an intertwining design looping into a heart in the middle of each open space. The spaces were random widths apart. Adding a bracelet was easy, just an adaptation of the necklace design. The earrings were trickier but, she finally decided on a dangling earring with three varying lengths using a smaller version of the necklace chain with a heart in each length. Now what should she use for material?

“Miss Stampson,” she barely heard the voice. “Miss Stampson.” She jerked her head upright and straight into the squinted eyes and furrowed brows.

“Yes, Mr. Evers?”

“We’re all waiting.”


“And the answer is,” Mr. Evers said still not smiling.  The bald head, deep dark eyes and tapping foot did little to still her pounding heart.

Deciding to go with the truth, she hung her head. “I have no idea.”

“Pay attention next time.”

Jon Batttles rattled the answer off easily as Leslie wrote what he said. Now, if she just knew the question.

The bell rang. Leslie scooted out the door. She didn’t want to waste a minute of time in the jewelry lab.

“Good morning, Leslie,” Julie Abindernauer called out as she entered.

“Hey, Miss A! Can I show you something?”

“Sure, let me see what you got.”

For the next few minutes they went over her designs. Miss A wanted her to do a more detailed sketch especially of the heart and how it looped into the chain and attached to the clasps and earrings.

For Leslie the hour seemed to fly by in minutes. Still hard at work when the bell rang, Miss A stopped at Leslie’s station.

“Do you have a class this hour?”

Leslie looked up to see that the room had cleared. “Not really, I mean I have lunch and then study hall. Could I stay? I know you have a class. I won’t interrupt. I promise.”

Miss A chuckled. “Let me write you a pass for study hall. Maybe you could grab a sandwich and bring it back here while you work.”

“You’d let me do that?”

“Sure, my advanced jewelry students this hour usually spend lunch and their class time here. They’re all working on their own designs.”

“That would be so awesome. I love jewelry class. It’s my fav.”

“What class do you have before this?”

“English,” the answer was barely audible.

Miss A pulled up a chair. “How are you doing in there?”

“Mr. Evers is so boring. I just can’t concentrate.”

Miss A leaned back.  “How about I make you a deal?”

“OK,” Leslie said her eyes focused on her teacher’s soft blue ones.

Her braclets clinking, Miss A crossed her arms and stroked her chin. “You pay attention in English and I’ll let you come in for advanced jewelry.”

Leslie grabbed her teacher around the neck. “Oh Miss A, that’s awesome.”

Humming softly to herself, Leslie grabbed her backpack and ran to the lunchroom. Along the way she thought about using the internet to find answers for things like using semi-colons and colons.  Her idea for the jewelry design had come from a different place though. She doubted anything like it even existed on any internet search engine.
It’s so easy to come up with ideas, she thought to herself. I see the designs transform into jewelry in my mind. I must be really good at this. I mean Miss A is letting me come to the advanced class.   Then she shook her head. The idea really hadn’t come from her exactly.  It was inspired.  Creativity definitely came from some place, though.  If she only knew where she’d be a millionaire.

Then as quickly as the thoughts entered, another came softly. Leslie, I am the Creator. No idea on earth has formed without Me. I created you. Stay plugged into Me and you will never lack for ideas.

Leslie breathed a silent prayer of repentance. Jesus, I’m sorry. You are the ultimate search engine. Whatever I need to know you will lead me and guide me. I heart you.

She sucked in a deep breath as she saw the design in her mind. Aburptly she stopped in the middle of the empty hallway. “It’s a crown of thorns with His heart in the middle.”

Sinking to the floor, the tears came then on earth and in heaven.

Teresa Shields Parker
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