I discovered a prose poem I started about 10 or more years ago when I was stumbling around on my weight loss journey. Back then, I had no idea where or how all the jumbled pieces of my life would ever fit together to complete a picture worth anyone ever viewing.

Part of a completed puzzle of a woman

Slowly, but surely, God started helping me. It reminds me of someone who loves to while the winter away completing gigantic puzzles. There is a satisfaction like no other when the puzzle comes out looking like the picture on the box. It’s sometimes not easy to make the pieces fit, but at least if we have the picture on the box, we are better able to put it together.

God knew from before I was born. Every day of my life was laid out in His book, before a single day of my life passed. He’s the One who created the picture on my box. Sometimes the pieces of my life are exactly to dimension and in the correct colors that He imagined. And there have been times I have done things that have created shapes and pieces that are irregular sizes and colors.

When I do that, though, it does not diminish God’s ability to make the picture of my life perfect. That’s when His creativity goes to work. And like the great Author He is, He changes the plot line in order to get me where I need to go. He knows how to take even the most harmful things I have ever done and fit them into the picture of my life so they come out for my good and His glory.

I’ve added a bit to the musings I found that were written before I had lost 250 pounds and while I was still in the midst of that journey. As always I have a challenge at the end of this. Don’t miss it. It’s the whole reason I rewrote and added to this piece. I did it for you.

Half-complete, there it is
for all the world to see, my life in pieces,
the good, the bad, the depressing, the uplifting.
There are pieces I dare not touch
for they would surely suck me in,
take me places I never want to go again.
Then there are those which give me delight,
like the soft touch of a baby,
brand new. untainted. loved. cherished.
First grins. First steps. First time to say no.
For her, for him, my prayer is that the pieces fit.

As the pieces begin to fill in,
it’s hard for me to see
what picture the Father is creating.
For so long it was easy to not try.
easy to not stretch. not reach. ignore growth.
Just exist.
Slowly I am understanding
the nature of the picture
my life is becoming.
It is more than breathing in
and breathing out.
Life is living,
sharing God-given gifts,
making good and bad decisions.

Life is loving
and then loving some more
even if it hurts,
even if it is not returned.
Life is giving
and then giving some more
even if it hurts,
even if it is not returned.
Life is difficult pieces
of the puzzle I embrace
even when I have no idea where they fit
or if they will ever make sense.

Still and always
I am more aware that
who I am was created by Him,
the One uses earth
as a place to rest His feet.
It is as familiar to Him
as my living room is to me.
And so am I.
I am not only known by Him,
He calls me His child,
I am His family despite all I have done.
He knows where and how the pieces fit.
When He sees me,
He sees a glorious picture of His completed puzzle.
Me, I only see in part,
in pieces, fuzzy,
unrecognizable shapes.
They are beyond my comprehension now.

There will be a time, though,
when I will know completely
and the puzzle will make sense
revealing the picture of my life,
the one He already knows and loves
in spite of everything I am or have ever done.
He is the one who began my journey.
He is my Author, my Finisher,
my Puzzle-Completer.
It can’t help but turn out the way He desires,
if I follow Him,
if I rest in Him,
if I seek Him,
if I daily surrender to Him.

It’s no longer about shaping my own destiny
or designing new puzzle pieces no one has ever heard of.
It’s about following Him completely.
It’s about learning the remarkable secrets
He longs to show me.
It’s about sharing those secrets
with you and you and you.
It’s about loving Him
with all that is within me.
One day the picture
of my life will be complete.

One day yours will as well.
What will it show?
Are you following Him,
loving Him with all that is within you?
Or are there pieces of your puzzle
hidden somewhere under the sofa cushions?
Every piece has to be submitted to Him
for the puzzle to be complete.
Without the dark pieces, there is no light.
Shadows are a part of the journey.
Embrace is all and submit it
to the only one who can complete the picture of your life.
What pieces are you hiding from Him?
Hand them all to Him
and He will make something out of your life
that is truly beautiful.


©copyright 2020 by Teresa Shields Parker





Teresa Shields Parker
Teresa Shields Parker is a Christian weight loss author, coach, podcaster and speaker, who has lost more than 250 pounds and kept it off since 2013.

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