Book reviews are powerful ways for readers to join with authors to help others find books that will make a difference in lives. Sweet Grace, Sweet Change and Sweet Grace Study Guide are such books. I can say that because I know those whose lives have been changed by each of these books.

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It is a very great privilege to write such books. However, I am well aware I do not do it alone. It is only by the power of God’s grace that it is even possible for me to have a story to tell of how my messy life became a message for others.

How You Can Help

I seldom ask for favors, but I’d love your help. And it will only take you a few minutes. I know many of you have read my books, Sweet Grace, Sweet Grace Study Guide and Sweet Change. Many of you have also posted reviews on Amazon.

However, many have not.

How Reviews Help

Reviews really help move books up in ranking and position, which helps individuals find the exact book they need. If you search for a book on a specific topic and find several, most likely you will be drawn to the one that has the most reviews. You won’t read all of them but you will read enough to get a good feel for what people think of the book.

I want those who need these books to find them. I want it available to them as the first or second book they search for.

Take It To the Next Level

Reviews and sales combined help move books up in ranking. It’s why Sweet Grace is #1 in Christian Weight Loss Memoir category. However, let’s take it to the next level.

Let’s be sure every person looking for a Christian book that is transparent and full of truth about what it takes to lose an extreme amount of weight will at least have the opportunity to choose my books.

Those who’ve read the books tell me how life-changing they are. I’m always amazed at how people find my book. Many times it’s because they search for a book with elements of mine and it comes up high in the list, many times first. That is because of the number of reviews.

So, if you can just go to the links below and post your review, it will really help. It can be one or two sentences if you like. It does not have to be long or involved. 

Here are just a few examples from the Amazon pages. 

Sweet Grace:

If you have not read this book yet, you must! I purchased it online last night (Tuesday) and completed it (Wednesday afternoon). I couldn’t stop. It is beautifully written and is filled with love, life, and motivation.

In her book, Sweet Grace, Parker gives us her own journey mapped out page-by-page with raw and unveiled truths about herself and her food habits, her struggles to achieve her current weight and lifestyle, and her faith. It is an amazing story of will, determination, and courage. Parker gives the obese hope for better tomorrows.

I love the writing style of Teresa Parker. Couldn’t put the book down once I started reading it. I could identify with so many things Teresa wrote about and know the book will help many break the chains of obesity.

The only thing this book was missing was the shame and discouragement I normally feel after reading diet books and weight loss stories! Simply put, get it. Get it now.

Sweet Grace Study Guide:

This book has really helped me to dig deep and clean up some of the heavy issues I face. I’m amazed at how Teresa Parker encourages readers to dig into our baggage in a healthy, empowering, faith-based way. The study guide is great coupled with Sweet Grace. 

If you’re looking to grow in the right direction, whether you have weight to lose or baggage that needs unpacking, this book will help you through the rough spots in doing so.

Sweet Change:

Sweet Change is a very encouraging book that can help you find the strength and help to break free of your own bad habits and addictions and improve your health and your life.

Anyone reading this book will find something that resonates with their own story and can find ways to overcome any fears or obstacles in order to break out of their cocoon and soar like a beautiful butterfly.

Write A Review

There are many more examples on the book pages. To write your review, simply click the links below. Scroll down the page to where it says customer reviews. Click “write a customer review”. The  box will appear for you to write your review. Click the number of stars you give the book. (I’m aiming for five stars!) Write your review and give it a title. 

One to three sentences is fine. Really, it’s the number of reviews that move a book up in rankings. Of course, it helps if you say nice things, as well!

Even though I’m privileged to have 113 reviews on Sweet Grace, a book can always use more reviews, especially if you love it.

Sweet Change is a fairly new book and reviews have been slow coming in on the page. However, I hear from people all the time who have been changed by this book. If that’s you, please post a short review. Really one or two sentences is fine. Just say simply why you liked the book.

Just recently I gave away this book as one of my birthday gifts. It’s also a gift when individuals complete my FREE #KickSugar Course. I’m not good at reminding folks to write a review when I give it free, but it would really help if you could do that.

Reviews have been slow coming in on Sweet Grace Study Guide again I think it’s mainly because I’ve given a lot of these away as FREE downloads. So, people may not realize it’s also on Amazon as a bound copy.

In the next few months, when we upload the new version of Sweet Grace the free downloads may go away. It’s really important to have reviews of the guide on Amazon. I believe this study guide component really is the piece that makes a difference. If it has made a difference to you or you have found it helpful, please add a review for it as well.

Here are the page links. Also, as an aside, if you haven’t read the books yet, both Sweet Change and Sweet Grace kindle version are on sale for $4.99 for a limited time.

To review Sweet Grace, go HERE.

To review Sweet Grace Study Guide, go HERE.

To review Sweet Change, go HERE.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Teresa Shields Parker