“We had a debt to pay and Jesus wrote the check with His life,” said Jeremy Risner, associate pastor, Christian Chapel, Columbia, MO, “and the check cleared. Jesus is the boss of death.”

CrossRisner explained that everyone is “spiritually handicapped. Relative to God we are poor and needy. We are bankrupt of life and righteousness. But we have everything we need to overcome in Christ. Even after His resurrection, Jesus extends His grace to Peter. He is the resurrection and the life. We have the power to beat death through Jesus.”

The disciples saw Jesus crucified. He died and was buried. On Easter Sunday, He appeared to them. “It was a cliff hanger,” Risner said. “What He said next that really mattered.”

John 20:19 What were the first words Jesus said to the disciples after his resurrection? Why do you think he said this?

Romans 5:1-2 What type of peace was Jesus talking about? What does it mean to be justified? How are we justified?

What does this peace mean in your lives?

Recognizing that fear is the opposite of fear, when have felt locked behind the door of fear?

He’s not quite dead only mostly dead pricncess bride

In our world and culture, how can peace seem backwards sometimes?

John 14:6-7 How could these statements of Jesus be construed as blasphemy?

In what way does what He says in these verses not leave it open to Jesus declaring Himself as just a good teacher?

In what ways do some who call themselves Christians relegate Jesus to the position as just a good teacher?

John 10:10 What was Jesus mission?

John 11:25-26 Why was the question Jesus asked Mary and Martha so critical? Why is it the crux of the matter?

Discuss: If Jesus was not raised from the dead, we are all fools. I Cor. 15:14-17

Romans 5:1-2, John 3:16-18 How is God’s grace revealed in Jesus?

Matt. 9:2 Why were the Jewish leaders upset with Jesus?

Luke 7:9 Why was what Jesus said to the centurion so difficult for those around Him to understand? Did they think the centurion deserved to be praised?

John 8:2-11 Discuss Jesus approach to this woman and her sin. How can this be applied to the way we, as Christians, deal with those who have committed sins we feel are the worst on our scale of sin?

Luke 4:16-20 Who is Jesus talking about in these verses? What do these verses mean to you?

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