Here are 10 reasons why I have what I want.  I am sure there are more and I will continue to add them.  Thanks Russ for asking the question. It’s one that challenges me to think more outside the box.  I have been asked a similar question many times. Why do you have such great children? Why is God blessing your business? Why have you been married for almost 34 years? Why can’t I have what you have? The answers themselves seem to be bragging.  But they are who I am. They have to do with what my heart is bursting with.  These 10 should be announced via trumpet blast. Each has been life-changing. They are like arrows shooting forth to the heavens.

1. Because I know my treasure is not in earthly things but in heavenly.

2. Because I set goals tied to my dreams and discipline myself to reach them.

3.Because I am so eternally thankful and count with delight every blessing that comes my way.  (Count your blessings, name them one by one.)

4. Because I don’t try  to manipulate God into blessing me.

5.  Because I hold every blessing that comes my way in an open hand rather than a closed fist.

6. Because I believe every person has a story within waiting to burst forth, one that I want to hear. Really!

7. Because every pain I have lived through helps build Godly character.

8. Because I had a praying Daddy who daily prayed for and blessed his children and his children’s children. We are his children it is our privilege to share in the blessing of heaven that he called down on us for more than 70 years.

9. Because I want you to make some life changing discoveries on your own.

10. Because the dreams I hold within my heart can drive me for the rest of eternity when I latch on to the Dream Giver and get excited about dreams He plants in others.

“The dreams I dream for you. Are deeper than the ones you’re clinging to. More precious than the finest things you knew and truer than the treasures you pursue. Let the old dreams die like stars that fade from view, then take the cup I offer and drink deeply of the dreams I dream for you.”