How do you compliment a person who has lost weight and especially someone like me who has lost over 250 pounds? Just calling attention to the weight loss can be a sticky subject. I mean, “Hey, I notice you were fat and now you’re not,” just really doesn’t work too well. I mean what do you say if you really want to be nice and notice how great they look.

My first advice is to be genuine. I can forgive even crazy comments such as “I hope you didn’t give away your fat clothes,” as long as I know they are someone who cares about me as a person. Some people mean well, but they just don’t know what to say. Others, I think. are actually jealous of anyone else’s weight loss victory.

As I lose weight there are people who encourage me on the journey. Those who are genuinely pleased will say something and I remember it forever. Here are few examples with some explanation.

More beautifulYou have really beaten the odds. The woman who told me this sort of whispered it in my ear like it was a secret.  I think she was afraid I would take offense. However, I know I had I stayed in that state, it would questionable that I would still be alive today. To me this is a well placed compliment.

You now have the possibility of seeing what your grandchildren will look like. This goes along with the statement above but goes a step further. This person knows this is one of my greatest desires. I’m pretty sure one day my kids will have kids. I want to be around to meet them.

You look so healthy. My goal is health, not necessarily weight loss. Though in my case weight loss was necessary to be healthy. To also LOOK healthy is a definite added bonus.

You are always so happy and positive since you lost weight. I look at the picture of me at 430 pounds and I know I was not happy. Today, life looks much brighter and I can’t stop smiling.

You look like you look like a magazine cover. OK, really? I think this person is a tad near-sighted. Do you see these wrinkles? But I will take the compliment anyway and the gig on the cover of AARP magazine.

Let me ask you a question, this time three years ago could you have thrown your leg over the chair like that? This came from my weight loss support group leader and my answer was, no. Three years ago I weighed a lot more than I do now and I couldn’t have. This was a great compliment because it helped me realize how far I’ve come and how much my health has improved.

You light up a room when you come in. Golly gee, this one always makes me wonder if I am wearing five-year-old Jaron’s light up tennis shoes. Apparently, I can give them back now because I am self-illuminating. Hopefully it’s Jesus shining through me.

The look on your face tells me what it took to lose weight was worth it. Yes, it was worth it and still is. I know people think I’m sacrificing certain foods just to lose weight. The reality is that this is the way I am choosing to eat for my health. It is the way I will eat for the rest of my life because I like me now. That’s a pretty big switch from where I was 10 years ago.

I am so proud of you. My friends and family beam when they say this. It makes me proud of myself to know they are proud of me. It says they really want me around for awhile longer and that makes me very happy.

Teresa, I didn’t even recognize you. I’ve learned when people look at me with a puzzled expression to just go up and say, “Hi, Sally. It’s Teresa.” And usually Sally will say, “Teresa, I didn’t even recognize you.”

The first few times it happened and they didn’t speak to me, I thought they were being rude. My husband said, “They really didn’t know who you were. You’ve changed a lot, you know.” Now I introduce them to the new me and they’re always happy I did. I see this as one of the ultimate compliments. I was out to change my life and change I have.

You make my world more beautiful. I threw this in as a bonus. It’s the best compliment I have ever received because it came from my husband in this year’s birthday card. Husbands, take note. This compliment to your wife, meant from the heart, will get you pretty much whatever you want.

What’s your favorite compliment? Or what would be your favorite compliment?

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