I love to have guests come to my house. So, I figured why not have a few guests come to my blog? Welcome Wednesday is a new feature we’re trying out.

My guests will be writing about different topics regarding purpose. Today’s post is by Chris Morris, a writer by choice and CPA by profession. Chris shares about a time he accidentally found purpose.


Not a small group leader

“Our church needs another small group leader. You and your wife are going to do it.” I told John he was nuts.

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My wife and I had only been married for 18 months. We had a two-year-old. We were both a mess. We came from broken homes. We had never led a small group.

I kept giving excuses, doing my best impression of Moses at the burning bush.

John patiently listened to each one as I whined my way through my rejection of his offer.

Then he hit me square in the jaw with these words:

“Chris, I know you can do this. Beyond that, I know you are called to do this. If you feel unready and inadequate, perfect. I would be more worried if you felt fully competent for this job. We don’t just need a small group leader, Chris, we need YOU as a small group leader. Trust me.”

Me, called to lead in this church? Sure, I had a degree in Biblical Studies, but I was drowning in my own life. I wasn’t ready. I did trust John, however. I said, “Yes.”

When tragedy strikes

In the course of nine months the following sad events happened in the lives of our small group members:

  • Brain surgery
  • The death of a father
  • The death of a brother
  • Two divorces
  • One flooded house
  • One miscarriage

We were not trained to handle these crazy events. So, we went with our instincts. We poured our lives and love into the hearts of our broken-hearted friends. We told our small group to do anything less was to disobey God. They listened.

Each time a tragedy hit a person in our small group, they knew they were not alone.

John told my wife and I he was proud of us. We led our group down the path of selflessness. Our instincts born from confusion on how to “manage” the situations built something unexpected into our young group: deep affection and care for one another.

It built a willingness to give even when it hurt because somebody else had need.

Purpose by accident

At the end of our small group semester, John said:

“I knew your time was now. I knew your purpose in this season was to lead. Now, we both see why.”

God sometimes sneaks up on us with His purpose for our lives. A friend suggests something to us. An opportunity pops up out of thin air. Conversations with different people all end up in the same place with the same idea. A burst of creativity to build a ministry or a not-for-profit organization or a school program explodes in our mind, even when we are not moving in that direction.

When this happens, don’t overlook it or write it off as coincidence. Often this is God whispering our purpose, if even just for a season.

Let’s choose to act on those whispers. Let’s choose to risk it all and see what happens. We just might surprise ourselves.

What is God whispering to you today about purpose?

Profile PicChris is a writer by choice, a CPA by profession, and a happily married father of four all the time. He writes about how faith and real life can collide in the brokenness of life, while still holding on to hope. Oh, and he is completely addicted to various forms of caffeine, most notably French press coffee and Diet Mountain Dew. He blogs at http://www.chrismorriswrites.com.


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