We step up and buckle in.

Anticipation is high.

We know, this could be the ride of our life.

We climb steadily, always upward

As if any minute our minds might leave our bodies

And just as we reach the top thinking we can’t go higher,

We plummet and then, climb higher still,

Slowing only long enough to catch our breath

Before ascending again

And I am undone by these feelings

That keep me wanting to go higher still

Knowing there surely is no higher than I already am.

Still we climb towards the clouds.

High above the earth

Where angels sing songs of joy.

We are dancing with the the moon and sun

Out where there is no need for understanding.

We just are.

There is no fear of falling here,

There is only a surrender to be all-in

To be totally present in this moment,

And all the moments in between,

The moments of highs

And the lows when we dip,

Yet still climb to towards the unreachable.

I don’t want this ride to stop.

I don’t want it to end.

I don’t want to slow into the station

Saying, “That was the best ever.”

In reality, everything ends, but this place

Is anti-reality.

We are here, but present in altered states

As still we climb higher than the stars

Playing out among them,

Dancing to their rhythm, not our own.

We have ceased to exist as separate beings

And have become enmeshed

In this perfect segment of time.

And we go higher still

Until we touch the very hem of His garment

And we are perfectly joined with Him.

Perfect Harmony.

Perfect Peace.

Perfect Love.



©copyright 2016 by Teresa Shields Parker