“This is Amazing Grace” is a new take on the old song. However, no matter how we sing about it, I always wondered, what about grace is so amazing?

RelaxingPerhaps it’s because I was only 7 when I accepted God’s grace for salvation, but I just always thought of grace as something for kids. Recently though my whole world has been turned upside down by the fact that I, as a believer am a trustee of “God’s many-sided grace.”1

This scripture calls grace many-sided because it is as vast as God. In my prayer time God reminded me of six reasons why grace is so amazing. There are obviously many more. However, His grace saves, sustains, searches, stretches, strengthens and stands us in the place of our assignment or mission.


Salvation begins when I surrender my life to Christ. This happened for me at a very young age. I didn’t understand that this had to do with grace or what that even was. I couldn’t at that age.

Without the grace of God there would be no translation from death to life whether you are 7 or 107 when you understand you have failed to meet God’s standards.

We are saved by grace through faith.2 This is a combination effect that is seen throughout the teachings of Christ. He does something and we do something. Without both, nothing changes.

If we have no faith, we are not saved. If there is no grace, we can not be saved. The old chicken and egg question, which comes first?

Grace always comes first. It transcends time because it is the very essence of God.


The sustaining power of grace keeps us as God’s own after we have accepted His Son’s sacrifice. It doesn’t matter what we have done. This is another amazing aspect of grace.

Why would God do this for us? Because we are not like Him. We are human. He knows that well.

Psalm 103 talks about His compassion and grace towards us. “As far as the east is from the west, so far has He removed our transgressions from us.”3

We will do wrong things still. Our goal is to more and more conform to His image, but until then He wants us no matter what our issues.

It’s in relationship with Him that we work out our issues.


We don’t like this aspect as much as the others. Grace searches us. Grace is so perfect, so accepting that when we know we have failed to do something God wants us to do, we feel that searching love of grace.

God knows we need Him so desperately He searches our hearts to draw us back to Him when we’ve gone astray. In essence, this is one of the most powerful aspects of grace.

God searches us and He knows us as scriptures such as Psalm 139 point out. When He shows us what is wrong it is our part is to repent and turn back to Him.4


Many times when we look at a task we feel God is calling us to, we feel stretched beyond our capability.

This is a grace thing, too. Grace always point us to God. We are inadequate in our humanity, but God has everything we need to accomplish any task He calls us to.

Jesus said, “What is impossible with man is possible with God.”5 He said this to answer the disciples’ question about the rich getting into heaven.

His answer was to let the disciples know that salvation of any person is impossible by their efforts, even though He had sent them out to tell others the good news.

When we are stretched by God, it is always to remind us that He is our Source.


God told Paul, “My grace is sufficient for you for My power is made perfect in weakness.”6

Admission of our weakness and surrendering it to God is married with the grace of His provision of strength.

When I give God my weakness, He gives me His strength. This is not a mamby-pamby kind of strength. This is a strength to do what He told me to do. It’s strength to do the impossible.

This is the strength that kicked into play when I gave God my weakness for sugar. What He gave me in exchange was power to say no. Power to resist. Power to understand the dangers to my life if I continued.

God longs for us to surrender to Him everything about us, so we can be a vessel for His power to work through.


And after all of this, stand! God places us in position, as part of mighty wall or fortress of His. We have our place to stand. It may be our family, our profession, our city, our avocation, or all of the above.

He gives us weapons to fight the battle, engage the enemy, defend our territory. We can “stand firm”7 because we have put on the full armor of God and are ready.

If any piece of the armor is not in place we are vulnerable. Truth, righteousness, peace, salvation and the Word of God must be a part of everything we are.

In essence, we are in boot camp until the point at which God commissions us and stands us in our assigned place.

There have been many times in my life I have felt I was on mission for God. I knew I accomplished some good things by His grace. These were like minor skirmishes until He stood me in my assigned place.

I would know none of what this feels like if I hadn’t surrendered my weakness to Him and allowed His power to flood my life by His grace.

It’s what He had been waiting for all my life.

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