Is God the Big Guy in the Sky? I like to think of Him like that. The Lord’s Prayer, my version at least, kind of addresses Him like that. More on that later.

The Lord’s prayer is really about leading us each step of the way. It packs a lifetime of advice in five verses. It travels from heaven to earth in one fell swoop, touching every day life, addictions and difficulties.

GODIf you had nothing else than these five verses and followed everything they say, you could live a dynamic Christian life.

“Our Father in heaven, may your name be kept holy. May your Kingdom come soon. May your will be done on earth, as it is in heaven. Give us today the food we need, and forgive us our sins as we have forgiven those who sin against us. And don’t let us yield to temptation, but rescue us from the evil one,” Matthew 6:9-13 NLT.

Our Father In Heaven

God sees from a different perspective. Even though we know the Holy Spirit is here with us and that Jwalked this earth, it’s comforting to know that God is overseeing everything on our behalf.

He sees me. He sees you.

May Your Name Be Holy

God is the one who is perfect. There is no evil in Him. We have nothing to fear regarding God. We need only look to Him with reverence.

He’s different from us. We try to put human characteristics to God, but He is not a man.

To admit we are weaker than Him is a truth that can guide our lives. It’s the place of humility we must all come to.

He’s in control. The fact that a great big God lives inside me is the only way I can accomplish anything of lasting value.

May Your Kingdom Come Soon. May Your Will Be Done On Earth As It Is In Heaven.

What’s heaven like? Everything runs smoothly. There is no sickness, disease or death. Everyone is in harmony working together for the common good. It is utopia.

How can that happen here? If Jesus prayed it then it must be possible.

When Jesus walked the earth as a man and reached out and touched the sick as a man and the heavenly father healed them through Him as a man, that was heaven coming to earth. That was God’s will being done on earth like it is in heaven.

How is His will done on earth like it is in heaven? It starts with you allowing God to work through you. The first step is total obedience. When there is anything less, it is difficult to hear God speak or see what He is up to.

Remember Jesus said He only did what He saw His father do. How did He see? He had that close communion with Him. He knew His heart.

Give Us Today The Food We Need.

I like the way NLT translates this. Give us what we need. Not what we want in order to live.

Give us food, clothes, a place to live. Does that include a car, a nice house, new furniture, a big screen TV, new computer, deck, etc. Maybe, but those are considered blessings, not needs.

Forgive Us Our Sins

Asking God to forgive us involves repentance. For years I knew I was in disobedience regarding what I ate. To ask God to forgive me for eating things that were harming my body, Hs temple meant I had to totally repent. I couldn’t ask for forgiveness if I wasn’t ready to do what He told me to do

It meant I had to totally repent. It didn’t mean to just say the words once again. It meant I laid down my addiction and never picked it up again.

Repentance gives action to the asking of forgiveness. When we turn from our disobedience we have truly repented and then we can ask for forgiveness of our sins.

As We Have Forgiven Thos Who Sinned Against Us

God will forgive us to the extent we forgive others. Others includes us. This is a principle God does not balk on. If you wonder why your connection line to the Big Guy in the Sky seems to go in and out, check the forgiveness plugin.

And Do Not Let Us Yield To Temptation

We can’t really ask this of God until we are willing not to yield to temptation. If you want a way out, He will show you. However if you don’t it won’t be there.

But Rescue Us From The Evil One

Another version says, “Deliver us from evil.” My mentor, who is a more than 25-year sober alcoholic says to him this means, “Deliver us from our addictions.” He knows, as I do, that addiction is probably the worst evil you can fall into.

God’s deliverance may mean we have to walk out our journey. To be delivered of an addiction, we must first want to be free. And then to continue the journey, we must cling as tightly to the Lord as we can through the process.

His deliverance comes in the form of showing us how to stand against the addiction. How to walk it out through avenues like putting firm boundaries around your life, even to the point of not being with certain people who pull you back into your addiction.

Finally, here’s the Lord’s Prayer according to Teresa.

Big Guy in the Sky, we knowYou got this. You’re the main Man. Ain’t nobody as good as You. That’s why we give You all the high fives

It’d be really fly if what’s going on up in the sky would happen right down here in my crib just like it works out up there.

We got needs, You know? The kids and me we need food and money to pay rent and stuff. So it’d be cool if I just knew You got that covered.

You know all about all the bad stuff I done did. Could You forgive me? And I’ll forgive all the stuff others done did to me. I know it don’t do no good to hang on to all this stuff. So, I let it go and hand it over to You to do whatever you want.

You know I’m tempted to run to that stuff again. I am. Please Big Guy, remind me what I’m doing and show me the way out of the mess before I get into it.

Deliver me from that addiction, that one that has me bound. It’s pure evil. It pulls me in. Deliver me and I will hold fast to you all my days. I will, Big Guy. I will.

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In the meantime, what do you know God is telling you to do?

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