Tim Wildmon from American Family Radio interviewed me today. I have to admit I have been rather intimidated by live radio. This is my second live radio interview. It’s getting less scary each time. It’s somewhat difficult to cram my journey into 10 minutes, but hopefully listeners got the gist of the story.

photo 2At least on radio they can’t see me make these faces! I told my son to take some pictures of me speaking at the conference in Dallas. In every one of them I have a very strange expression on my face. He said he couldn’t help it that I look weird when I talk. This will be an issue Jan. 24 when I have agreed to appear on a television talk show in Memphis. What was I thinking?

Basically my feeling is, I’ll do anything to get the message out to a wider audience. Writing a book is just a piece of the puzzle. Getting in the hands of those who need to hear it is really a God-sized job. I feel He has told me to not worry about promotion. He’s handling that end. My job is just to walk through the open doors.

Here are a few things I tell myself about talking on radio.

1. Get dressed in nice clothes and put on makeup. It makes me feel like I am worthy of being interviewed.

2. Smile. Talking comes easier and the smile is heard in my voice.

3. Don’t be intimidated by radio personalities. It’s their show, but they want it to go well, too.

4. Speaking is not like writing. I can’t edit out all the ums and likes and wells and reallys and ands. Too much silence is not golden, but it gives the interviewer time to ask another question.

5. I am being interviewed because I have a story to tell. So, tell it.

6. Be transparent and honest. Don’t hold back.

7. Be honored and grateful for every chance to be interviewed or to speak because it means the message is being shared to an ever-widening audience.

8. It’s not about how many books are sold, but every book sold represents a life touched and hopefully changed. This greatly encourages and fuels me to reach outside of my comfort zone.

9. Know every opportunity is to glorify God by sharing how He changed this caterpillar into a butterfly. I am so grateful for His sweet grace!

I’m destined to get plenty of practice. On Thursday afternoon, I am honored to be invited back on a Christian radio talk show in Albany, New York. Alison Stevens is a delightful hostess. I’m happy to share her drive-time show once again.

It’s not set up yet, but I will have another interview on a different American Family Radio program called Love, Life and Family. It will probably be in mid-February.

Extra prayers are requested for my first television talk show on Jan. 24 in Memphis, Tenn. It’s a news talk show, Live at 9 on Channel 3, with Mary Beth Conley. Then I’ll join her from 12 pm-1 pm on Talk Radio KWAM 990. I’ve no clue what to expect from all of this.

Hey, I’m just a girl from mid-Missouri. What they see is what they’ll get. Pray that I don’t look like the picture above!

I don’t know why I just thought I’d write a book and stay hidden in my office. Being on display is not my first choice. Those who know me, know this is true.

Here’s the interview from Wednesday, Jan. 15. Thanks for all of your support.


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Teresa Shields Parker
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