There is really no such thing as a comfortable risk. In my observation, opportunity is always clothed in risk and never in comfort.

Bedroom evening - woman with laptopWhen weighing comfort in one hand and risk in the other, my overwhelming favorite is comfort. As I write this blog post, I’m wearing my favorite pjs, laying in my comfortable bed.

Here’s the reality, though I gravitate towards comfort, risk gives the greater potential for reward. If I never risk and always choose what is comfortable, I will never know what might happen. Yet still I want a comfortable risk, one that will give me the rewards of risking, but still lets me stay in my comfort zone.

The truth is that genuine satisfaction never comes from staying in my safe world. It comes when I venture into the unknown as I steel my courage and take very uncomfortable risks.

“We find our greatest satisfaction when one of the worlds’ greatest needs intersects with one of our greatest passions,” explained Jeremy Risner, C2 Lead Pastor. However, it doesn’t come with a guarantee that it will all work out.

The Bible is full of people who overcame fear and took risks for the cause of Christ. Consider Jonathan taking on a bunch of Philistines. In 1 Samuel 14:6 he and his armor bearer set out to check out the Philistine camp and he says, “Perhaps the Lord will act on our behalf.”

The operable word here is “perhaps.” It indicates there was no guarantee things would go well.

“Opportunity doesn’t often come with a booming voice of God or clarity in its plan or details,” Risner said. “Move into the area of risk and it will become clearer.”

Queen Esther declared in Esther 4:16, “If I perish, I perish.” She accepted the real possibility of her death, but if she died it would be for a greater cause of saving a nation of her kinsmen.

Shadrach, Meshach and Abednago were not afraid of being thrown into the furnace but they also realized there was no guarantee they would come out alive.

Little David faced the giant Goliath because no one else would. I doubt there was anyone there that day who placed their money on David. Odds were a million to one in favor of Goliath. And yet with God on David’s side those odds were reversed.

Not one of these were comfortable risks. Yet, all of these were God-ordained risks.

Risks look different at different stages of our lives. My daughter’s risk of setting out halfway around the world to live in Japan, when she didn’t know the country, language or customs, was a huge risk in my way of thinking.

Yet one doesn’t have to move to a foreign country to take a risk. The risk you and I may feel called to take could mean giving up a steady and consistent income for one that has no guarantees.

It may mean taking a stand for Christ in a job environment where you could lose your job. It may mean sharing your life with a group of people who need God’s love, but don’t really want you to help them.

An opportunity rarely occurs when I am doing the same thing, the same comfortable way.  It often calls me to out-of-the box uncomfortable thinking.

It requires risking time, talents, money, relationships and reputation. It requires me, and you, to give up the comforts of what we’ve always known for something totally unknown.

If God is calling us to something new, different and risky, He is calling us to chose what matters most. Taking the opportunity has no guarantees and will most likely include challenges and problems we would never face in our recliners.

The risk is real and doesn’t come with seatbelts or helmets to mitigate the danger. As a matter of fact, those things, would just get in the way of what God wanted to do, much like David wearing Saul’s armor.

However, a God-given risky opportunity does come with one huge guarantee. God promises to go with us.

The big question, then is, what is He calling me, and you, to? What dream or call has God placed on my life? On your life?

FYI, I’m pretty sure, the dream doesn’t include staying in bed wrapped in a down comforter. Just sayin’.

Teresa Shields Parker
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