Lisa Niles admits she joined #KickWeight to find an easy way out of her weight issue. In the process, though, she began the fight of her life for her life.

Understanding that she had the strength of God to help her say no to her cravings helped Lisa Niles begin her weight loss journey.

“I saw Teresa as a woman who had been bigger than I was and had conquered her weight issue. I wanted her to tell me what the magic pill or secret food was I could eat and lose weight quick,” she said.

The big secret she learned was that there is no quick, easy way to permanent weight loss. There is only intentional hard work. She was going to have to put for effort. She was going to have to come into the group where class is held, log on, do the homework, share her results, ask questions, participate in the challenges and most of all, seek God for her own personalized plan for healthy living.

No One-Size-Fits-All Diet

Learning that there is no one-size-fits-all diet or easy fix helped Lisa begin to rely on God to lead her on her journey. She says this was the best thing that ever happened to her.

“I learned God does care about me, including what I eat,” she explained. “Sugar is a killer and it’s time it stopped getting away with murder. Way too many of God’s children are falling prey to it’s seemingly sweet and innocent ways of stealing, destroying and killing our destinies, ”

It sounds extreme, but Lisa finally put the pieces together by looking at her family history of diabetes and heart disease. As a nurse in a busy, medical practice she could no longer deny that if she continued to eat the way she was eating, she was headed for a disease-ridden, slow death.


“I felt miserable and unhappy,” she said. “I was sick of the weight battle. I finally faced the fact that I could not keep gaining weight and expect different results. That’s when I began to fight for my life.“

She began by admitting that she is a sugar addict. Although it was and still is a one-day-at-a-time, sometimes one-meal-at-a-time battle, Lisa finally surrendered completely to God.

“I gave notice to my flesh that it was no longer in control,” she said. “I told my body that just because it wanted food, it wasn’t going to get it unless it needed it. I put God in control and allowed Him to govern my wanter.

“I admitted that I had issues with food and started facing why those issues were there. I faced the fact that I do not have to fear being without fear or lacking food. I will not die if I don’t get the food I crave right at that moment.”


Lisa says one of the biggest power tools that has helped on her healthy living transformation journey was the coaching class, #KickWeight.

“In this class I discovered a drive deep down to fight for my life. I did my homework. I put in the time. I did the research. I said no when my body would scream yes. I designed my workout plan and I’ve lost 36 pounds from my highest weight.”

Lisa was part of the first two sessions of #KickWeight where members lost over 1,100 pounds together. “Weight loss is a very personal thing, but when I do this others and together we accomplish great goals it inspires me to do more personally,” she said.

Your Turn

Now it’s your turn. If you are ready to fight for your life, join Lisa and others as they begin or continue the transformation of their lives in the third session of #KickWeight. Doors close May 30 at midnight as this group discovers how to breakthrough to weight loss.

The group is open now for introductions. The welcome video has been posted. The six-month process begins for this great group of influencers on May 31. This is the only session for 2017 of this breakthrough coaching class. Once the doors close, it won’t be offered again until 2018.

To be among these winners at losing, go HERE.

I’ll see you in the group.

P.S. You can join without a Paypal account and pay with your credit card. Here’s how. Just go to Register Today on the #KickWeight page. On the next screen, choose PayPal to pay. Don’t worry. You’ll be taken to the next screen where you choose Create An Account. After that, you have the choice of paying by credit card or creating a PayPal account. After registering. watch for the email to tell you how to come into the Facebook group!