Every Friday a bunch of bloggers look forward to one word from Lisa Jo Baker.  They write for five minutes on that word, no editing, no overthinking. It’s a very freeing exercise, when I remember to do it. So, since it’s still Friday, I thought I’d share my thoughts on Brave. Actually, I must confess that I wrote one post but wasn’t brave enough to share it, not for any fear for myself, but for my very brave friend who seems to have many more things happen to her than any possible person on the planet. She is very brave to me. She knows who she is. Instead, I share a different take on Brave.


Brave is talking to the crazy woman in the grocery store parking lot asking for money when God tells you to.

Why God? Can’t I just give her money?

Talk to her.

What would I say?

Just talk to her.

I don’t know what to say.

Just talk to her.

I’m scared.

Brave isn’t driving off when God told you to do something. That’s stupidity. That’s me.

And we do it every day.

Like when there are cinnamon rolls at the church breakfast and everyone is saying how delicious they are and when you reach for one, you hear the still, small voice say, “You don’t need that.” It would be brave if you listened.

Or when you see that cute top and it fits because you’ve lost weight but it costs $40 that you don’t have to spend. And you quietly ask God if it would be OK to buy it. And you hear him say, is that the best use of the $40. You know the answer, but you ignore what you know is the truth. It would be brave if you went with truth.

Or when your life is falling apart and you want to go to something, anything to give immediate relief—food, money, shopping, sex, television, food, again. And you know you can go to God and He will comfort you and hold you and give you advice, but He’s not as tangible as the other things. So, you ignore going to God and you eat a bag of chips. It would be brave if you spent time with God.

Don’t be stupid, like me. Be brave.

Teresa Shields Parker
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