God is a God of transformation. I know this because I’ve seen Him do the impossible1 in my life, and I dare to believe it can happen in yours.

God is the most important ingredient on your journey, but by far the second key ingredient is your 100 percent commitment. Nothing happens without that. You have to be like the caterpillar. Once she climbs into the chrysalis, it’s butterfly or nothing!

Wait, I'm not ready. Let me back in!

God will not make you want your transformation. You have to want it even more than He does. So let me ask you, do you want and if so why?

Without a doubt, the most difficult part of a weight loss journey is understanding why you are starting. Then, it is keeping the why in front of you at all times. In conjunction with that must be a commitment to a total lifestyle change.


Notice the word I didn’t use was diet. If we have an ongoing issue with food, either eating too much of a good thing, eating to fill an emotional void or the feeling we can stop eating certain foods, a short-term fix, which is how we use the word diet, will not solve our long-term problem.

The word diet actually means “the kinds of food a person habitually eats.” So, let’s talk about the word “habit”. The dictionary definition is “an acquired behavior pattern regularly followed until it has become almost involuntary.”

We all have a diet we follow. Back when I was deep into food addiction, everything I ate had some element of sugar or flour associated with it. Meats were breaded and fried. Vegetables had some rich sauce disguising the flavor and fruits were in puddings or cobblers. It was my diet or what I habitually ate.

To change my diet, I had to change my habits, and to change my diet and habits I needed to be committed to the why of my journey.

 Weight Loss Journey

I had to step into knowing this would be a journey. I weighed 430 pound so I knew it would be a long journey. Another definition of diet is “a special course of food to which one restricts oneself, either to lose weight or for medical reasons.”

This definition always made me surmise I could restrict myself for a short period of time and go back to the way I always ate. How did that work for me? Not very well. I was committed to the journey only for the reward of going off the diet when I reached my goal.

Once the goal was reached I was right back where I was before the diet began in much less time than it took to lose the weight.

This time, I began with the concept of understanding I was on a journey to recover my life. I was determined to allow God to show me how I had broken my metabolism and what I could do to eat and move correctly to restore that. I knew it was going to mean overwriting my bad habit loops with new habits. I also knew it was not going to be easy.

Total Lifestyle Change

I dared to have faith to believe if I listened to God and tapped into how He was leading me instead of how my fleshly desires, cravings and wants were leading me,2 I would step into transformation.

This faith became to be the substance of what I had always hoped for3 as I began to see the pounds fall off. I asked God to keep me firmly committed4 to the obeying the process he had called me to because there were many times I wanted to run to food. There were times I slipped, and there were times I fell flat on my face.

I learned to stay true to my why I had to admit my weakness and ask for His strength5 to continue. I was not going to allow the thief to steal my destiny.6 I was not going to allow him to destroy me. I was not going to allow him to take my life early.

I began to see how much my fate was in my hands, not his. Evil was not my biggest enemy. I was.

My Why

In order to defeat myself, I had to put my why securely in place, stay connected with what I wanted and what God wanted for me. I want to live life to the full.6 I want to be there for my children. I want to write books. I want to help others learn how to live. I want to step into the destiny God has for me.7

One at a time, I began to see my dreams come true: my children’s high school and college graduations, my daughter’s wedding, a deeper connection with my husband, the release of each of my books, starting a weight loss coaching group, TV and radio interviews, articles in Charisma, writing coaching and spiritual coaching.

Enough has happened to let me know the sky is definitely the limit when I dare to believe God is a God of transformation.8

Today, I dare you to believe the same.


I know where I was and where I am now. This is total transformation, and I praise God He brought me to this place!


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