I thought we were good together and then you do this to me. You seemed to be there every time I needed you. I thought you made my life better and that we were the perfect team.

You listened when I cried and just your tangible presence comforted me in a way I thought none other could. But you made me feel better if only for a few minute and that’s all I cared about at the time.


You were my companion in the good times and bad. If I was lonely, you were right there with me. It didn’t matter that I didn’t know who to call because you were there. You soothed whatever pain I felt.

When I was tired, you were the one that give me the pick me up. You made me feel like I had energy to go on even if for just a few more minutes. I just knew life was better with you.


You protected me to make sure no men would get close and take advantage of me. I knew with you by my side I was always safe.

Even in good times, you made everything better. Just one look at you and I knew soon I would be satisfied and feel I had celebrated in the best way possible.


When I was ready to blow my top, you were there soothing me and just one whiff of you and I knew all my problems were gone. You calmed me and made the anger go away and if it came back, you were there to help me again. You always did your job.

Stress would overwhelm me and I would run straight to you. You were the best at making me forget about everything and just focus on my needs and wants in the moment. You seemed to take care of them with just one delicious taste and then another and another.

You comforted me in a tangible way. If the boss yelled at me, I could just eat brownies made with you and all my frustration would vanish even if it was just for a moment.

If I had a decision that didn’t seem to have a solution, I could go through the drive-in and order a huge ice cream sundae and all of a sudden I didn’t have to make a decision. I just felt the world went away for a minute or two or three..

And when othersI thought loved me failed me, turned to someone else, rejected me by ignoring me or not touching me or not speaking to me, you were always there making it not seem to matter so much. You stepped in and made it feel like you were all I would ever need.


Now I learn with all we’ve been through you have not had my best interests at heart. You have been deceiving me. As a matter of fact, you had planned a course for my demise, destruction and even eventual death.

Why would you do that to me? What did I ever do to you? You were my everything. My comforter, companion, protector, lover and friend.

I heard the doctor. I know you’ve been trying to kill me. And for once I look at you and do not want you in my life any more.

Because you see, I’m choosing life.1 I’m deciding that I’m more than a cookie or a piece of my favorite cake. I’m worth more than the best ice cream I can buy and the most decadent brownie ever made.


So this is it. We’ve had a long journey together and it’s been downhill all the way. You no longer are in control of me.

All my life, you’ve been slowly destroying me and I have been letting you.

You are not a comfort. You make me extremely uncomfortable.

You are no friend. You seek to harm me.

You do not help me have energy. You spike my energy for a minute and then, I crash and burn.

You do not give me peace when I am angry. You only help me stuff my anger to the point that impacts every part of my life.

You do not solve my stress. You add pounds to my body which increases my stress and taxes my heart.

You do not protect me. You are the one thing that is systematically destroying me leaving me vulnerable to every disease imaginable.

Good-Bye Forever

This is good-bye. You are no longer my friend. I see you for the monster you are.

Sugar, you are no lover. You are out of my life for good. Oh and don’t try coming back. I will not change my mind. The locks have been changed and I’m not giving you the key to my heart any more.

I know now, I have been putting you above God in my life, above my own desire to live. I will not do that any longer. God is my comforter, companion, protector. No substance can provide for me like He can. I see you for what you are, a tool of the devil2 in my life.

I am finally free of you and believe me, nothing tastes as good as freedom feels. Nothing!

I can finally say with confidence, “All things are lawful for me, but not all things are profitable. All things are lawful for me, but I will not be mastered by anything.”3

Are You A Sugar Addict?

If you don’t know my story, I’ve lost more than 250 pounds. The main thing I did was to stop eating sugar and flour. My mission is to help you break free of food bondages, strongholds and addictions and straight into the arms of the true Lover of our souls, Jesus.

1Deut. 30:10-20 NLT

2John 10:10 AMP

31 Cor. 6:12 NASB