Want to know the “most intimate details of a food addict’s thoughts and emotions?” Just read any of my books or any post on my blog. I hadn’t thought of how I write in those terms, but it is true. I am a food addict and I hold very little back.

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I was reading Sweet Freedom customer reviews recently and ran across LW’s customer review which says, “Teresa does a wonderful job of drawing you into some of the most intimate details of a food addict’s thoughts and emotions.”

It’s an interesting statement to me because I didn’t set out to reveal intimate details about my thoughts and emotions. I do define myself as a comfort food addict, with great emphasis on sugar. However to hear another person define me as a food addict sounds almost foreign. True, but still weird.

Talking to God

LW added that she liked the way I posed questions to myself and to God. Then, I realized I do that all the time. I’ve learned that I need to stay connected to God to get through any tendency towards emotional eating, which for me always leads into addiction of some kind. I just try to make it a good addiction.

Some people talk to God in different ways. As I was reading LW’s review, I realized I talk to God by first talking to myself. I go over what I’m doing, what happened in a situation or pose a question to myself. I’m processing. I’m pondering. And I’m praying because I’m always aware that God is listening to what’s going in my head.

How do I know that? I sense His presence. I know He’s there and I know it because He will drop a thought into my mind or connect the dots in a way I’d never seen before. He is activating my spiritual awareness and delivering truth to me at the same time.

The Devil Can’t Read

The devil can’t read, at least not my thoughts. He can read my tendencies, my behaviors, the circumstances and put them all together in his gigantic hellish computer and spit out exactly what I usually do when I’m stressed, tired, angry, happy or emotional in any way.

He has the printout that says I go to food and have for at least 30 years. So it makes sense he will tempt me with that because he figures eventually I’ll want that pacifier again.

My Secret Weapon

What he doesn’t take into account is that I have a secret weapon. I know that God is reading my thoughts. He forgives my past behaviors, but He also knows my destiny and how to get me there.

“But I, the LORD, search all hearts and examine secret motives. I give all people their due rewards, according to what their actions deserve.”1

He reads my thoughts and the intents of my heart. He knows when I’m seeking the right answer. When He sees my thoughts and my desires are in line with His, there’s nothing stopping me. He and I will go forward not because of me, but because He is God and He is on my side! He’s fighting for me because I’m fighting for Him.

God Questions

Sometimes I will be thinking about something I don’t understand and it’s as if God just chimes into the conversation between me and my mind. Like an old friend, He adds His insight which, of course, is always truth.

Usually He poses things to me as questions. Of course, God doesn’t ask me questions because He doesn’t know the answer. It’s always to get me to think about the question. I love that about God.

What Are You Doing?

His favorite question to me comes at times when I have given into a temptation or am thinking about giving in. He simply says, “What are you doing?”

I love that about God. He doesn’t tell me not to do it. As a natural-born rebel, I’d probably do it anyway. No, He asks me to think about what I’m doing. He asks me to make a choice. In actuality, He’s reminding me I have a choice.

So many times I’ve thought I had no choice and I was just a victim of my cravings. Now I know I do have a choice. I know the truth of what LW says in her review. “Teresa shows us that with God all things are possible,2 even freedom from the chains of morbid obesity.”

Freedom Principles and Emotional Eating

I am excited that Sweet Freedom and freedom principles in Sweet Freedom Study Guide will the basis of what we will be doing in my ongoing weight loss coaching group, Sweet Change.

This will be an in-depth course in emotional eating because the principles I present in Sweet Freedom are what we must understand to get to the core of any emotional eating issue.

I’m a coach at heart and I love to help individuals get the core of their issues, especially emotional eating issues because I know how this seems impossible to overcome. The absolutely amazing thing is when I coach one person in a group whether it is via video, an ongoing conversation in writing in the group or live on our monthly video call, everyone benefits because everyone in the group has similar problems.

I can’t tell you the number of breakthroughs we’ve had in Sweet Change Group  just doing that.

I’m so stoked. I can hardly wait to get started.

Go Through The Holidays Losing

I hope you will join us for this adventure which will be the ongoing subject in Sweet Change Group for some time. It will definitely take us through the next six months. Which, as you know, takes us through the holidays, an extremely difficult time for those with food addictions.

If you want to lose and not gain through this holiday season, join us as we begin in October exploring emotional eating and freedom principles. You can join any time. When you join with at least a six-month commitment, you will get membership in #KickWeight at no charge.

One of the first topics we will explore is how to recognize God’s voice and His leadership in our lives. That topic alone could take six months. We won’t take that long, but it is a basis of what we will do in Sweet Change.

Go HERE for all the information and to join.


1 Jeremiah 17:10 NLT

2 Matthew 19:26 NLT

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